Friday, April 19, 2019

Why can't the government provide healthcare and the "Green New Deal"?

You can learn everything you need to know about the counter-productiveness of handing power to the government by reading this:  Canadian woman fined for not holding escalator handrail finally gets case before Supreme Court:
A Canadian woman fined for failing to hold on to an escalator handrail in 2009 has finally reached the Supreme Court in her search for justice. 
Bela Kosoian was using the subway in Laval near Montreal in 2009 when a police officer told her to respect a warning sign, in French, saying "Caution, hold the handrail", CTV News reported
She argued with the officer that the pictogram was advice rather than the law, but the officer promptly handcuffed her, detained her for half an hour and slapped her with a $100 fine for failing to take advantage of escalator safety features and a further $320 for refusing to identify herself. 
Kosoian was acquitted in 2012 but decided to sue the police and transport authority. She lost twice in Quebec before the Supreme Court of Canada took up the case.
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So some jack-booted fascist thug got all Respect mah authoritah on her, and the redress requires the Supreme damn Court.  No doubt the Police Officer is still on the force, if he hasn't since retired on a hefty pension.  There was almost certainly no unpleasant consequences for his use of handcuffs and detainment over a trifle.

Apply that exact calculus to the public school system, or the Veteran's Affairs Department, or to just about everything government does.  Heck, even the military which is about the best we can point to for government actually doing what it is supposed to.  The book Embrace The Suck captures the failure of everything government from the point of view of the Grunts.

And remember, the military's goal is a lot easier than the goals of any of the rest of the Fed.Gov.  The other departments have to try to build something that works, while the military has to kill people and break their stuff.  Dangerous, sure.  But a lot easier to understand and accomplish.

And to return to the original point of this rant: even if the Green New Deal weren't a wasteland of bone headed and counter productive boondoggles, the government couldn't implement it anyway.  The people who would need to do it are too busy handcuffing hardened criminals like Ms. Kosoian for the dastardly crime of ignoring their Betters.

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UPDATE 19 April 2019 14:31: Of course, Sal the Agorist has something apropos:

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pigpen51 said...

You forgot to mention vaccinations. Gotta have those vaccinations if you want to be able to buy food, or pay your light bill, or pay your rent, or, no, wait a minute.
I meant to say that you have to take the Mark of the Beast if you want to buy food, or pay your light bill, or pay your rent. Yeah, that's what I meant.
And don't forget to bow down and lick the hand that feeds you, while you are at it.
I will try to be kind and refrain from saying what I want to say, simply due to the fact that it is the day we remember what they did to our Lord. But I have no respect for authorities who are not ordained by God, which our government is apparently not. Or else they would bow down in shame, at what they are doing to us.