Tuesday, April 16, 2019

In re: Notre Dame

Everyone has seen the views of the Cathedral from outside - it is a wonder of the world, after all.  But it was not built to be a magnificent resting place for the eye.  It was built as a church, by people who used it for worship.

Like this:

I find this much more poignant than the sweeping vistas of the Cathedral in its glory, or the terrible fire devouring the spire.  This is why it was built.

French authorities say this fire was an accident.  We need to take them at their word until more information is available.  But keep in mind the news that has been swept down the memory hole.  Notre Dame was targeted by ISIS two years ago.  And last year saw two French churches desecrated each day, every day for the entire year.

But time will tell how it happened.  For now, we know what happened, which was a tragedy.

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