Friday, April 5, 2019

Twitter bans French Government in order to comply with french "Fake News" law

This is delicious:
A social media campaign from the French government has been blocked by Twitter - because of the government's own anti-fake-news law.
Since December, France requires online political campaigns to declare who paid for them, and how much was spent.
But now Twitter has rejected a government voter registration campaign.
The company could not find a solution to obey the letter of the new law, officials said – and opted to avoid the potential problem altogether.
LOL.  The French.Gov is, of course, beaucoup fâché at this whole countretemps - the idea that a vaguely-worded law might actually be used against them!  Why it's nothing short of lèse-majesté.

Couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch of Statist Pricks.  This post is tagged "statist pricks" because, well, you know.

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Richard said...

Not that I have any love for Twitter but this really is the right way for companies to deal with overbearing government. Firearm manufacturers need to follow the Barrett policy. Governments who don't allow citizen ownership of various weapons and accessories need to be cut off from purchase of the same items for police.