Thursday, November 1, 2018

I love Halloween

I get a real kick out of seeing the villagers dress up their kids for trick-or-treat at Castle Borepatch.  The Queen Of The World loves decorating the place for the spirit (heh) of the season, and so there are jack o'lanterns and headless horsemen and potion vials all over.

And co-blogger ASM826 came by and we went to the local tavern's halloween party.  The QOTW arranged fun constumes:

Last night we were the Flintstones.  The QOTW even dressed up Wolfgang as Dino, and he hung out on the lawn with us as the kids came by.  He's great with kids, and would come up to him for kisses.

Every year it's fun, and getting more fun.  Hope you had as good a time last night as we did.

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