Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Amazon recalls unsafe solar eclipse glasses

You'll, err, shoot your eye out with those:
Amazon has "proactively" recalled solar eclipse glasses that "may not comply with industry standards" before darkness descends on the US next week, August 21. 
To directly observe its awesome power without destroying their eyes, stargazers can use special filtered glasses that meet the ISO 12312-2 safety standards. 
But the American Astronomical Society based in Washington DC has warned that some companies have been printing the ISO logo and certification label on faulty glasses and handheld viewers "made with materials that do not block enough of the Sun's ultraviolet, visible, and infrared radiation to make them truly safe". Some manufacturers were also allegedly displaying bogus test results on their websites.
The American Astronomical Society has a list of tested and certified eclipse glasses.  If you (like The Queen Of The World and I) plan on going to see the eclipse, you should double check the glasses you have.


Will said...

The description of fake markings and certifications and fabricated from improper materials sounds exactly like products from China. They have a severe lack of morals in business, and a lackadaisical attitude toward using correct materials.

People are much safer if they avoid buying anything that is ingested or worn over the eyes, from that country. Seeing photos of what some industrial welders were using for eye protection from arc welding was mind-blowing. Technologically ignorant, pretty much across the board. Stay far away from any products that could be hazardous to you, which is pretty much everything.
That country is not ready for prime time.

Rich P said...

Welder's filters, shade 13 should be safe. Do your own checking.

Kristophr said...

Some of the items Amazon is sending warnings about are filters that astronomers have been using for years, but don't have ISO certification.

Do your research.