Sunday, February 5, 2017

Ole Bull - Violin Concerto in A major

Ole Bull was a composer of great renown in how own day.  Robert Schumann considered him the greatest composer of the times, comparing him with Paganini.  Perhaps the founder of Norwegian Romanic music, he was a mentor of the then 15 year old Edvard Grieg.  He made multiple concert tours in the United States, to great popular and critical acclaim.

And yet most people have never heard of him, even though I grew up in Maine and he had a summer home there.  In my defense, it was in Lebanon, Maine which is almost New Hampshire.  That's my excuse, anyway.

If you like the high romantic classical music, this will be a treat.

Happy birthday, Ole Bull, born this day in 1810.

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libertyman said...

His name reminded me of Turnbull's blended wine they make every year "Old Bull" I wonder if they had him in mind?

Look at this video

Though in Norwegian, you will enjoy it , I know.

Another great class!