Tuesday, February 7, 2017

25 years ago

I can't believe that this movie is this old.  Released on this day in 1992.

Party on, Garth!


Brad_in_IL said...

That's nothing. Blazing Saddles is 43 yrs old today.

libertyman said...

I missed Wayne's World --not.

Jason VanLanduyt said...

I grew up in Aurora. It was a pretty big deal that they featured the town in this movie, even if it was a back-handed compliment from the SNL writers. I try not to go back if I can help it. The old neighborhood has.... changed.....

Guffaw in AZ said...

I thought it would be stupid - it was hilarious!
Of course, Blazing Saddles takes it.
(I still have a wooden half dollar from the AZ premiere - Says 'Hi, I'm Mel, Trust me' on one side, E Pluribus Hilarious on the other!
With Mel in an Indian headdress emblazoned on it, of course!