Thursday, January 14, 2016

Homeland Security: Gee, it's awful that all these power plants can get hacked

Filed under "we're only surprised that you're willing to say this in public":
Utilities opening their infrastructure to the internet are creating an irresistible honeypot for criminals, says the US government's Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team. . 
In spite of often being billion-dollar operations with long-standing experience in their industrial control networks, critical infrastructure owners seem to think they can take advantage of the public 'net for connectivity without a care for security. 
While ICS-CERT's Marty Edwards, speaking to the S4 conference in Miami this week, didn't call such operators idiots, he may as well have done. According to Reuters, he came close, saying: “I am very dismayed at the accessibility of some of these networks … they are just hanging right off the tubes.”
That's OK - nobody would ever try to take down a power plant.  Oh, wait ...

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Old NFO said...

Yep, ripe for the picking... dammit!