Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Hillary Clinton: dead candidate walking

The news over the weekend was about how the FBI is expanding their investigation of Hillary's email server from mishandling of classified information to include investigation of corruption involving the Clinton Foundation.  Apparently there are dozens (maybe as many as a hundred and fifty) FBI Agents assigned to the case.  It seems that this will blow up during the height of the Presidential campaign this year.

This makes me go "Hmmmmm".

Consider: there are multiple leaks from inside the FBI.  But this administration has been harsher on cracking down on leaks than any in history.  They even investigated a journalist (James Rosen) who published a leak.  And yet there are multiple leakers.  Hmmmmm.

Consider: the Justice Department has been heavily politicized by this administration.  Maybe the FBI is motivated by simple a desire to see justice done and the laws enforced against all violators, however large or small.  Hmmmmm.

I don't buy it.  I think that Obama is behind this.  So what's the motivation?

I don't think it's because the Obama team and the Clinton team despise each other.  They do, but that doesn't seem to rise to the level of this sort of political risk.  After all, Obama is focused on his legacy and on what he'll do for the next 30 years after leaving office.  If the Democratic party thought that he threw Hillary under the bus for petty reasons, that would be a huge loss of status for him.

I think it's because they don't think that she can win.

But the primary is locked up for her.  The fix is in - sure, crazy old Bernie is gaining in Iowa and New Hampshire.  The Clintons raised a Billion dollars in the Clinton Foundation.  That won't sit in the bank.  Favors will be called in.  The nomination is a lock.

As is her defeat in the General Election.  I think that Trump put the nail in that coffin with his comments about Bill.  Turn out the lights, the party's over.

So what is Obama to do?  Indict Hillary, forcing her to step down, and stand up Vice President slow Joe Biden.  And rely on the Mainstream Media and the corrupt GOP establishment to squeeze Trump out so Joe runs against a typical sad sack.

I expect an announcement from her by March that she's stepping down due to "health reasons",  and Joe to enter a brokered convention.

Will any of this matter?  Only if Trump drops out, too.  A lot of people have considered him as a stalking horse for the Democratic Party.  I'm pretty skeptical - even if he threw his hat into the ring on a lark, it's pretty hard to see a guy like him walk away from a big lead.

And I suspect that his lead is bigger than anyone will admit - he polls well among Democrats and hispanics (!), so the polls represent a floor for his support.  The ceiling?  We'll have to see.  I expect it's in potential landslide territory.

Will he make a good President?  Beats me.  Will he cause the collapse of the Republican Party?  Beats me.

Will he get Obama to force Hillary from the race?  Hmmmm.


Anonymous said...

Voting Republican/conservative has gotten me nothing. If I vote Trump, I might get a border fence and some deportations. It's more than I ever got from Republican "victories".

I trust Trump to do what he says. You can't make deals if you don't keep your deals.

Anonymous said...

Pretty interesting thoughts. I've often pondered the current situation in DC, and I'm just wondering who's pulling all these strings. I'm not so worried about what this candidate or that is doing, I wonder what the motivations are of the ones that are controlling them.

Jeffrey Smith said...

I think Trump would be a disaster as President. And, while it may be the Pauline Kael effect, I know no one in my pocket of the physical universe who thinks he would be good in the Oval Office.
Clinton would be slightly less of a disaster.
If it came down to Trump v Clinton, I would throw my hands up and move to Israel.

Michael said...

every election it seems that we have a worse selection of choices that actually have a chance at winning. Any candidates actually worth a shit don't seem to have a realistic chance and any candidate with a realistic chance don't seem worth a shit.

American politics these are seeming a lose lose scenario .... ug

Trump v Clinton will definitely get me looking around the globe for other places to retire.

matism said...

Obama cannot allow Shrillary to be prosecuted. She is not the type of person to "take one for the team". And as SoS, she was in the middle of MOST of his treason. Benghazi? You betcha. And Fast and Furious as well. The crimes there were violations of International Trafficking in Arms Regulations (ITAR). ITAR belongs to State. Do you REALLY think that Holder did that WITHOUT Thunder Rodent Thighs approval? Or that the Muslim in Chief was unaware?

If she gets indicted, she will dump the load. So the Brown Clown's only hope will be for her to have an unfortunate "accident". Of course, they will only get one shot at that before the Friends of Bill come around. And even though that is their name, I hope you understand who actually wears the pants in that family. Would hate to be an SS agent protecting The Won if those guys come a-hunting.

abnormalist said...

Someone I know raised a very valid point.

How many of Trumps supporters, actually vote?

I bet the numbers are a LOT lower than you would expect from say Bernie

selsey.steve said...

The USA has within it's grasp the possibility to do something that very few countries have ever had the opportunity of doing, and that is electing a non-politician into power.
In Trump the USA has a candidate who is a self-made billionaire. He knows how to make money, he knows how to run a complex organisation. He cuts to the root of the problem and does something about it.
Immigration? Halt it until you know just who is the other side of the fence. Cologne at New Years showed that he's right.
Budget imbalance? End it, It's caused by bloated Government. Cut Government back to where it's supposed to be. SMALL is what it should be. All the rest is mere tittle-tattle. Those presently in Washington don't know how to control Trump, and that is a good thing!

Ted said...

How many Trump supporters will actually vote?

I suspect that may be a very big number. People who have not bothered in the past because they didn't believe there was much difference between the various empty suits. But now they have a chance to vote for someone they believe they "Know" or least he is not a politician and that's a good thing.

In any case if they have the choice between the "All American Billionaire" and the embodiment of the worlds worst shrill ex-wife....... it won't be close.

matism said...

Of course, Ted, it does not matter how many of them vote. All that matters is who COUNTS the votes. And both parties have that very well under control.

EMS Artifact said...

FBI Director Comey is not very fond of Pres. Obama. The FBI Director has a lot of power because he has a lot of information. If Comey recommends that the case be presented to a Grand Jury and Lynch refuses, it could get very ugly for the Administration.

Keep in mind also that Shrillary has legitimate medical issues that are far more serious than the public has been lead to believe.

As to Trump. He's resonating with a lot of people who normally don't pay a lot of attention to politics. Getting out the vote is going to be his biggest challenge, but he's got lots of resources available. He could win.