Thursday, July 16, 2015

Thoughts about Donald Trump

Boy, the establishment hates his guts.  And he's polling so well that he's the front runner.  These two issues are joined at the hip, as the bulk of the American people despise the establishment.  Trump's candor and forthrightness (well, so far at least) cut through the clutter and resonates with regular people.

This analysis isn't anything new - you've heard it already.  You've also heard that people like him because he fights - he doesn't back down, issue phony "sorry if anyone was offended" apologies.  He's the 2015 version of Newt Gengrich.

Newt did the same thing - see how he instantly rejects the premise of the question?  Notice that the audience cheers this rejection even before he has elaborated on his single word answer?  Notice how when pressed, be unleashes a smackdown on his hapless questioner?  See how the audience cheers, to the point that you have trouble hearing the moderator try to segue to a commercial break?

Trump does that.  The other Republican candidates should be nervous about the first debate with Trump, because The Donald will basically ignore them and simply trash the establishment media moderators.  The audience will love it.

Just like Newt did.

And just like Newt, he will have a metric ton of contradictory past statements that will leave everyone wondering if they can trust him.  Me, I don't trust him - not at all.

But you know what?  I'm getting a bunch of emails from smart people saying they like what they hear from him.  And unlike Newt, Trump can fund his own campaign.  He doesn't care that the panicked GOP establishment just dropped $120 Million into Jeb's coffers.

This is getting interesting.  In a very end-of-the-Roman-Republic sort of way.  Me, I'm getting some popcorn, because this is fixin' to get good.  The circus is entertaining, and the bread is free.


Anonymous said...

i'm getting by resume together to be his SECDEF. Without all those establishment guys to pick from, the field should be wide open.

ShallNOTBeInfringed Original said...

"This is getting interesting. In a very end-of-the-Roman-Republic sort of way."

I was kinda thinking in a Revelations/Apocalyptic/P.S.H.ELEVENTY/CATS AND DOGS LIVING TOGETHER MASS HYSTERIA sort of way but it's same thing innit?

ASM826 said...

Q: "What the difference between Chris Christie and Donald Trump?"

A: "I would vote for Donald Trump."

Yea, I don't trust him, he's all over the place, but it would be entertaining and that's about all I have left to hope for from politicians.

Anonymous said...

If all he does is shut the immigration door, and stabs me in the back on every other issue, it will still be a huge win over all the other candidates.

Travis H said...

Trump doesn't even have to build the wall he speaks of. He just has to demand that our current immigration "laws" are enforced, unlike the "do whatever feels good today" policy we seem to have right now.

Guffaw in AZ said...

Wow. There's a great thought...

Trump is like so many other 'populist' politicians. He finds a sub-group, and plays to them. He even has (almost) Caesarian hair! :-) At least he has his own funds.

If he is the best the loyal oppo has, I DO fear for THIS Republic! The rest of the overpopulated clown car is just that - clowns.

Where is a G. Washington, T. Jefferson or even a Harry Truman?