Monday, June 30, 2008

Massachusetts post Heller

Pro-Gun Progressive has an interesting post speculating on what will happen to Maryland's "ridiculously capricious and unfair CCW permit law":
Dave doesn’t mention MD specifically, but we’re basically cut from the same arbitrary cloth (permits issued to the connected, the police, the wealthy, and that’s about it).
Maryland makes Massachusetts look good by comparison. Having lived in both states, my take is that this reflects the government centralization in MD (the counties and state run everything) vs. the relative decentralization in Mass (the towns and the state run everything).

Not that the Commonwealth doesn't have it's own problems in the "arbitrary and capricious" department. Even the Boston Globe has noticed that your License To Carry pretty much depends on which town you live in.

Sounds to me like there's a storm a'coming, and when it gets here there'll be Heller to pay.
At a minimum, looks like handguns will have to be added to the FID permit. And why is the Browning Buckmark pistol banned here? Doesn't strike me as an "unusual" or "dangerous" weapon, at least compared to non-banned ones. (OK, OK, no more cheesy Heller throw-aways)

Boy, howdy, I just used the phrase "relative decentralization in Mass" ... only those of you who have lived in Maryland will understand.

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