Thursday, June 26, 2008

Breaking news: Bill of rights applies to you and me

I guess I can tear up that militia application form. Shooty goodness all around. Just remember to clean your gun when you're done.

In other news of the obvious, I'll still need to apply next month's Patch Tuesday updates. In related stories, it won't do any good (Patch Tuesday that is, not Heller v. DC).

UPDATE: Eric S. Raymond has a typically outspoken post on his blog. The next few years are likely to be really interesting. Since Massachusetts is a "May Issue" state for handguns, and since the Heller decision was quite explicit that the Second Amendment gives you a right to a handgun in your house for self defense, it seems likely that we taxpayers of the Commonwealth will get to foot the bill for a futile defense of the current laws. Looks like Chicago is already going to have to defend their laws.

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