Tuesday, June 11, 2024

In which I (kind of) disagree with Divemedic

Divemedic posts a complaint about squishy RINOs.  I actually don't have any disagreement on this.

Where my opinion diverges from his is that the old "left" vs. "right" paradigm is kind of ending.  I haven't seen a good name for hte new emerging paradigm, so let's just call it "populists" vs. "business as usual".  Lousy name, but this is where the political action is, both here and all over the place (Argentina, El Salvador, France, Germany, the UK).

The Press is hyperventilating about the emergence of the "far right" in Europe, which entirely misses what's happening.  I've posted endlessly about this, but this is maybe what comes the closest to a (non-Borepatchian length) summary.

Populism is regularly trashed by the Great and the Good, but the inroads that Trump is making with the Black community doesn't seem to be typical pandering, but rather tapping into a real sense of dissatisfaction with Business As Usual.  Kind of like what the rest of us feel.

It also seems that RFK's support comes from the same well spring of dissatisfaction.  If that's true, it implies that RFK's candidacy will hurt Trump more than Biden.  And I still have the feeling that there's a non-trivial chance that the Deep State will try to assassinate Trump, and maybe succeed.  The Great and the Good keep complaining that Trump has "overturned norms" but it sure looks to me that they're the ones that are doing that.

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Steve said...

I had a conversation about this with a customer just today. He was saying "far right", "nazism" Yada, Yada, Yada.
But only "over there in Europe..."
He was concerned that jackbooted Neanderthals would be storming the bastions of society ....or something.
I told him that everyone thinks the political spectrum is a straight line. Leftist over there and right over that away.
I confounded him by saying that the political spectrum is a circle. A circle in which the crazy lefties always connect with the fascists of the right thereby becoming fascists themselves.
He left the store, puzzled.

Glen Filthie said...

The Z Man pitches it best: the Cloud People vs the Dirt people.

I hope Trump wins in the next elections just so I can watch Misfit have a stroke, but I fear you have the right of it - they either have to imprison Trump or kill him. If they do either, retaliation is almost guaranteed. I note with some humour that Hunter Biden is up on gun charges and now that politicos can use wank lawfare on each other…his butt is flapping in the breeze.

Were I in Trump’s vulnerable position I would not mess around. I’d have open contracts on Obutthole, Hill and Bill, the Biden’s and some of their higher echelon fart catchers and doners…all prepaid and to ready to go into effect in the event of my untimely death.

One can only hope…😉👍

The Lab Manager said...

Most people like their slave status. I supported Ron Paul in '08 and '12. Rush Limbaugh sold out for some shekels when he could have supported RP and done something good for the country. Rush was nothing but an establishment whore.

It's also notable many conservatards whine about 'muh taxes' and 'big government' but when given the chance to vote for someone who actually wanted to do something, they cop out. Gotta fellate Israel while the country goes to hell right?

It's lost on the left that Trump is more of a populist than a limited government civil libertarian. He made some really dumb comments endorsing Red Flag Laws and that EO on the bump stock ban was just stupid. I guess Trump is simply way less bad in some ways so he is loved and at least flies the American flag and does not pee on blue collar people.

danielbarger said...

The GOP is a fully owned subsidiary of the DNC. Anything that happens does so because it is planned. Nothing in politics ever happens by accident. Too much at stake to leave ANYTHING to chance.

matism said...

Well actually, Glen Filthie, they want to imprison him AND kill him.
Just as they did with Epstein.

Richard said...

The Establishment didn't really lose in Germany. The big winner was the CDU which if history predicts will form a coalition with the socialists and lock the AfD out. They also won in Poland and hurt the populists in Hungary. You didn't mention Italy. Meloni clearly won but it was at the expense of her coalition partner who are actually populists rather than the fake version she is. France is probably the clearest case of a populist win but Round 2&3 are coming within the month with the national elections. I think Macron probably loses but the populists don't necessarily win. Leftists win or chaos does. UK will have a socialist government within the month. Best case for the populists is they outpoll the Tories and become the official opposition party but don't rule out some chicanery on the part of the Establishment. El Salvador seems more like traditional law and order conservatism rather than populism. Argentina is too soon to tell.

McChuck said...

Don't blame me. I voted for Ross Perot.

Antibubba said...

I don't understand, logistically, how they could put Trump in prison. They'd basically have to build one just for him, in order to protect him. And assassination by officials on the Left would elicit instant violent reprisals; say what you want about Deep-State actors, but they aren't THAT stupid. Now, if he wins, an assassination is possible.