Tuesday, May 21, 2024

The last American WWII triple ace takes off on his last flight

I love that he named his P-51 "Old Crow", after his favorite whiskey

Rest in peace and rise in Glory, General.


drjim said...

I built a couple of model P-51's in his livery.

retired wrench said...

I had a nicely framed signed print of Bud Anderson's and Chuck Yeager's P-51's in flight. I was working in a GMC Dealer in Phoenix and was assigned to overhaul the front differential in a newer pickup. The owner came back and we talked about the repair and it came out that he flew with the then Confederate Air Force. When he came back to pick up his truck the next day I presented him with the picture. He was quite surprised and said it would find a home with the organization. Sad to here of General Andersons passing. Allan

Old NFO said...

May he rest in peace, many folks have the watch for him!