Monday, December 11, 2023

Courts smack down New Mexico Governor's gun ban

Lawrence has a great analysis. Key bit:

By actually applying the Bruen test, and using it to strike down half of the remaining decree, the courts have giving gun owners at east three-fourths of a loaf here.

We're winning.


Aesop said...

It's nice, but the follow-up should have been the immediate impeachment of the governor, for cause.

Crime requires punishment.

Lacking the latter, this is just an endless game of catch-and-release, and permanently stalling actual freedom until the political climate changes.

And at the very least, the court should have issued a blanket a priori injunction on any further gun laws, since Bruen notes that any laws not already passed centuries ago do not pass Constitutional muster.

Ergo, there is no gun law that can be written which passes that smell test.

Thus all further gun legislation is overwhelmingly likely to be moot before the ink is even dry, for the same reason most of what's on the books is similarly blatantly unconstitutional, and always has been.

Court decisions have consequences.
Courts should stop pussy-footing, chicken-shitting, and half-assing around that conclusion, and drop the nuclear bomb:
Damned near every state and federal gun law since 1789 is unconstitutional. PERIOD.

Let the wailing and gnashing of teeth begin.
And then start frog-marching tyrants into decade-long federal prison terms for criminal deprivation of civil rights under color of authority.

Either the law means what it says, or it doesn't.
Anything less than that is billious bullsh*t.

It ends the minute a couple of governors and half of any given state legislatures are put in prison for attempting it.

Alternatively, every time they overturn such a law, declare open season on those who passed it in the first place.

In about 15 minutes, this becomes a constitutional republic again.

danielbarger said...

There is no consequence for violating the Second Amendment and there is no consequence for ignoring court decisions and rulings. This the criminals in power will continue ignoring things they don't like and violating our rights. Till that reality changes nothing will change.

McChuck said...

How many armored divisions does the court command?

James said...

That is my thought as well. Until there is punishment this means pretty much zero.