Sunday, December 10, 2023

César Franck - Prélude, Fugue et Variation op. 18

Perhaps the greatest organist of the Romantic Era was César Franck.  Organist for over 30 years at the Parisian church Sainte-Clotilde, he was renowned for his improvisational ability.

He loved the organ in the church, and as his reputation grew the organ manufacturer increasingly asked him to debut new organs purchased by other churches.  He also started impromptu recitals at the church, which later became regular scheduled events attracting notables such as composer Franz Liszt.

As with many great composers, he was a child prodigy, giving his first concert at age 12.  The Paris Conservatory recognized his ability and made him a professor.

He is known today for his symphonies, but I like this organ music which was his passion.  Happy birthday, César Franck!


libertyman said...

A new one to me -- always a treat to learn about music from you.

matism said...

It would be interesting to hear him play that on the Wanamaker in Philadelphia.