Tuesday, July 26, 2022

So where did Roman Emperors die?

This is pretty cool: A Death Map Of Roman Emperors

Click to embiggen or even better click through my link which talks about a bunch of the Purple Toga set.  It also breaks down just how few ended their life due to natural causes (note: it has the Divine Augustus dying of natural causes, rather than being poisoned by Livia; take THAT Mr. So-Called Expert Michael Grant!).

Also, This post introduces a new tag,, "Not The News",  There's too much anger from the news, so let's all roll around in 2000 year old Imperial Murders, shall we?


Tacitus said...

You can actually dial it in closer. The spot where Julius Caesar died is basically on the edge of an urban cat sanctuary called Torre Argentina. Unmarked. And if you do the Palatine hill walk - included in price of forum/coliseum ticket there's all sorts of fun spots including where Commodus (iirc) was strangled in his bathtub by a wrestler friend of his!


Jonathan H said...

I like your history posts. I' glad someone remembers and learns from it.

If you want more tidbits to stir your mind, you can look at Real Clear History for ideas: