Monday, May 11, 2015

The Seven Year Itch

Next month this blog turns seven years old, and it's increasingly hard to get motivated to post.  I'm not sure what's causing that.

People have said that my writing is at its best when it's about personal things - it was a great comfort to write about Dad's final struggle with cancer.  But that really can't be the whole thing: life hasn't suddenly turned into sunshine and puppies, and in fact a year ago this month was bad enough that for a while I just simply stopped posting.

I'm not sure why the muse doesn't hang around here much anymore.  This used to be an outlet for me, but now is increasingly a chore.  Not sure what to do about that.


David aka True Blue Sam said...

You need a cat. Then you will always have something to write about!

Rhodium Jones said...

Cheer up with some blues.

deadmandance said...

Easy solution: only post when you want to. There's no need for existential crises or needless guilt trips!

libertyman said...

When things that used to amuse or delight you are no longer amusing or delightful, then it is time to do something else. Since no one knows but you how much time is involved, if there are better things to do, then, by gosh, do them. Life is too short to do otherwise. Our interests wax and wane, no apologies or explanations needed.
I am thankful for all I have learned at your site, and I am appreciative of the efforts you put forth on our behalf.

LSP said...

Wisdom from Libertyman.

7 years sure has gone by fast -- and somehow I've managed to keep posting on my shallow excuse for a "blog."

But look, if the inspiration dries up, go out and shoot, a lot. Then look at some Muhammad street art, or Hillary street art, or whatever.

I find that works wonders for the "Muse"!

God bless.

Hat Trick said...

I agree with Libertyman and LSP.
Do what you need to do. Know that you will be missed.

grendel said...

It doesn't have to be either or. If you're bored with the blog just leave it set until you have something you want to write about again.