Sunday, May 31, 2015

Harley AAR

I boughtmy first tank of gas for the Road Glide.  It doesnt get the mileage as the Shadow, but 750 cc isn't the same engine as 103 cu in.

Around town it's VERY hard to get out of second gear.  This is new to me.

Riding two up, it seems easier for the passenger to get on while the kickstand is down, and then you stand the bike up.  Any thoughts?

I 75 stinks.  That road surface is torn up but good.  I think I'll avoid that in the future.

Related: how do all y'all do riding back roads on longer trips?  Atlanta to Savannah is around 2 to 3 hours on I 20.  I expect it would be a lot longer on the back roads.

The Harley Owners Group app for Android seems pretty damned cool.

Next weekend I have a business trip, but after that I think a ride to the Georgia mountains is in order.

Riding cuts into blogging time.


Dan said...

"Riding cuts into blogging time."

Probably, but it's more fun, right?

Tony Tsquared said...

I am getting upper 40's in gas mileage with my 88CI Electraglide, 50-55 mpg on the interstate. The 103 will be lower but you should be in the 40"s unless you have some performance mods.

You also need to keep the RPM's above 2000 to prevent lugging which can cause damage the valve guides. In town I try to keep the RPM's between 2500-3500 in town and it is a lot of 2nd and 3rd gears.

I try to let my passenger get on before I get on the bike. When we stop I drop the kickstand and let her get off first as well. If you are carrying a passenger on a regular basis get them a backrest and a set of the Kuyakyn adjustable foot pegs - you will reap the benefits.

R.K. Brumbelow said...

I-20 Takes you to Augusta and takes about 2-2.5 Hrs. Savannah is I75/16 and takes about 2.5-3 not sure which one you meant.

burt said...

The 103ci should average between 37-41mpg if you're riding it right (same as the 96ci) and if the engine was broken in properly. Until you know how the engine responds for that bike, upshift on the 5s: 15,25,35,45,55. Downshift on the 0s: 50,40,30,20,10. That's in the owners manual (get one if you don't have one - lots of useful advice in there), will keep your RPMs in the right range for each gear to prevent lugging (re. Tony's post, above), and maximize your mpg.

My 96ci has 583ce cams, SE K&N air filter, and SE2 slipons. It has a slightly different power range than stock (due to the cams), so I spend a lot of time in 3rd and 4th gear - rarely get out of either around town. You'll probably spend most of your time in 2nd and 3rd (based on your town's speed laws) - and some time in 4th, but you'll probably want to downshift back to 3rd to prevent lugging (re. Tony, again).

When I owned a classic (FLHTC), I purchased and installed the EZ-UP center stand. Probably the best thing I bought for the bike. when properly installed, your passenger can hop on and off while you're on the stand, then you can put it in gear and *ride off* the stand (they actually recommend this). And it is easy to get up on it. HIGHLY recommended.

I find that I have better control over the bike when a passenger mounts/dismounts with my legs keeping the bike upright and the jiffy stand up. It's harder for me to bring the bike up from the stand with the additional weight of a rider. YMMV, of course.

Re. back roads: I use the wide slab to get within a few miles (10-15) of my destination and then shift to back roads the rest of the way. That allows me to get to near where I'm going and then "come down" from the highway.

selkiemaine said...

My road glide gets 35 - 37, but mileage goes way up cruising back roads.

You should not be having trouble getting out of second gear. Harley trannies typically aren't fussy about anything except finding neutral.

After 20 years of riding Hondas and BMWs, I tried a Harley ... just like 'em better.

Jon said...

Personally, I try to avoid riding the freeways whenever possible. We have a lot of great back roads here in Idaho, with fantastic scenery. Tough to enjoy the view at 80 on I84.

libertyman said...

Mileage, sir, is not the reason to ride a motorcycle. You know that, and I think this post is just remarking on the difference between the old bike and new. But, by more than doubling your engine displacement, your mileage is bound to suffer. And the sound of that 103 cubic inches!!?? That more than makes up for it.

Old NFO said...

Do what is fun... Riding is good! :-)

Jay G said...


Regarding second gear, are you using a heel-toe shifter? I had never tried one until I got my Electra Glide, and I have a hard time going back now.

If you're not using it, try it. The only gear I have trouble finding with my FLHT is neutral... :)

burt said...

Here's a hint for Harley riders who have trouble finding neutral when stopped: Put the bike into gear, roll forward slightly, and then pop it into neutral. Not backward - forward ONLY.

There's something about the Harley tranny that makes it easier to find neutral when rollig at 1mph (or less).

I've been doing this for years - it works.

re. riding slab: if I'm riding back roads BECAUSE the back roads are fun, then I ride back roads. But if I have to ride a hundred miles to GET TO those back roads, I'll use the slab for the first 80 miles.