Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Global Warming causes blizzards

Monster snowstorms have paralysed much of the UK:
LONDON: Britain's military was called into action Tuesday to airdrop fodder to farms cut off by freak spring snow as thousands of homes remained without power for a fifth straight day.

A Royal Air Force (RAF) helicopter was deployed in Northern Ireland in a bid to reach remote farms where estimates suggest up to 10,000 animals have been buried beneath snowdrifts 20 feet (six metres) high.
Here's a picture of the drifts from Wales.  Notice that the snow is taller than the backhoe that is trying to dig a path:

Source: BBC
It's not just been a single freak storm.  The month of March was the coldest in the UK in half a century:
This weekend's great Easter getaway will be accompanied by some of the coldest March weather in decades, with temperatures in the UK set to drop to their lowest levels since 1962.

Met Office figures show that from 1 March to 26 March the UK mean temperature was 2.5C (36.5F) – three degrees below the long-term average.

This makes it the joint fourth coldest in the UK, in records going back to 1910. The coldest March in the UK was in 1962, at 1.9C (35.4F).
But remember, the Science® is settled!  p > 95%.  Oh, wait:

The light green shaded area is the 95% confidence interval of what the models predict; the solid line is the actual climate.  You'll see that there's been no warming at all since 1997.  And that's with some dodgy fiddling of the numbers.

So why does the post title claim that this is all caused by Global Warming?  Because everything is caused by Global Warming!

And this is simply hilarious:


ASM826 said...

Global Warming makes the pack ice thicker, too.

JD Rush said...

Am I the only one who thinks they expected governments to fold like a house of cards when they made this stuff up? (CFCs, cough) Just think, the global warmists would be hailed as brilliant heroes right now had their psychotic plans gone correctly back in the 90's.

Hell, no matter what happened, they were set up to win.
Temps go higher- see, we need more control over your daily lives.
Temps drop- look at the great start on our collective plight! But we need more control over your daily lives.

Ajdshootist said...

Tell me about it, down here in Bournemouth in Dorset on the south coast the external temp has only got up to 4.5 or 5.0c for ages during the day today is sunny and i have just been down into the centre the temp is showing 9.0c and dropping will problay drop to -1or2 tonight.

Goober said...

The claims that global warming have triggered another ice age are already loaded into the breech, Borepatch.

You didn't think that these guys were going to let those lucrative government grants go away that easily, did you?