Monday, April 29, 2013

21 years

"Why does anyone need an 'Assault Weapon'?"

Source: Los Angeles Times
 21 years ago today, Los Angeles erupted in riots that left 51 dead and almost 4000 wounded.  The police were simply overwhelmed, and gave up control of large parts of the city to the rioters.  Koreatown in particular was the target of the mob.  The citizens of Koreatown spontaneously formed a militia to defend their stores and their lives:

One dead, three injured by rioters
"Assault Weapons" saved the citizens of Koreatown:
On the second day of the riots, the police had abandoned much of Koreatown.  Jay Rhee, a storeowner in the area, stated to The Los Angeles Times, “we have lost faith in the police.”

With the cops nowhere to be found, hundreds of people marauded through the streets towards Koreatown.  The neighborhood suffered 45 percent of all the property damage and five fatalities of storeowners during the riots.  Having had enough of waiting for police, Korean storeowners assembled into militias to protect themselves, their families, and businesses.

According to the Los Angeles Times, “From the rooftops of their supermarkets, a group of Koreans armed with shotguns and automatic weapons peered onto the smoky streets…Koreans have turned their pastel-colored mini-malls into fortresses against looters tide.”

But remember, the police would never disarm the citizens before they abandon a city or leave you unarmed at the mercy of armed and dangerous criminals.


Anonymous said...

It certainly didn't gain national attention, but my town had an uprising as a reaction to the events in LA.

The police were told to ignore the people in the projects that were openly (and illegally) carrying rifles. Certain sections of town were entirely avoided by police. The local mall had sharpshooters positioned on the roof to prevent looting.

To my knowledge, no one was killed.

Irish said...

BonnieGadsden had a 10 part first hand experience post on their blog.

Here is the link to part one with all the others (2-10) linked at the top. There is also a disclaimer as to whether the writer was totally truthful or not. Irregardless it is a good read.

ProudHillbilly said...

Good for them!

Douglas2 said...

London had riots just last year. People were burned out of their homes, torched while they were inside.
Not having access to anything officially a weapon, those living in the effective area briefly made baseball-bats the most-popular item on, and even with that there were serious suggestions that anyone purchasing a baseball-bat was obviously intending it for a self-defense weapon and should be charged with a crime. There were appeals for Amazon to remove baseball bats from sale.