Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Nuk Neh! De-Cloak Antivirus Device!

Sophos Antivirus has achieved an industry first: a Klingon translation for their antivirus scanner:

No, I'm not making this up. Via Slashdot, where (as always) the comments deliver:
What pitiful Klingon would need anti-virus protection? A true warrior relishes at the opportunity to die the perfect death at the hands of Canadian Pharmacy pop-ups.

Where can I find this dishonored warrior?
Err, right next to the dishonored warrior who left this at the top of their page?
$Header: index.html,v 1.2 2009/05/08 14:53:14 james Web page status: Draft 0.8. Req action: Mktg to review wording and imagery (better screenshots required etc..), and QA to check links. Expected launch date: July 2009. Software status: Ready. $
I'm sure that Sophos Marketing has nifty new screenshots coming. Along with an improved blurb (you did say Need some blurb here, didn't you?):

Now, I think that Sophos has a decent product, so I guess we should all appreciate the humorous touch here. Lord knows that there isn't enough hilarity in the Internet Security industry, so well done Sophos for lightening the doom and gloom. And in that vein, Slashdot has the last word, about whether Klingon Warriors use Windows:
Klingons don't use WIMP interfaces. [Windows Interface with Mouse Pointer - ed.]

A real warrior carves bits onto his harddrive with the tip of his Bat`leth.

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