Monday, October 2, 2023

Vandals cut down most famous tree in UK

This tree:

Voted Tree of the Year in 2016 by the conservation charity Woodland Trust, the Sycamore Gap Tree was one of the most photographed trees in the United Kingdom. It’s also known as the “Robin Hood Tree” because it appeared in the 1991 film Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, despite Hadrian’s Wall being some 130 miles north of Sherwood Forest.

According to the National Trust, this iconic sycamore tree was planted in the late 1800s by John Clayton, the saviour of Hadrian’s Wall, to be a feature in the landscape. 

So why would someone cut it down?  Tik-tok views:

Why would anyone do this? A question we are all confused over. Police officers are looking into claims that the tree was felled to be posted online and carried out as part of a TikTok stunt

Dumbass Tik-tockers.  Hang em.  From a tree.  As a warning to others.


Tacitus said...

Know it all too well. When excavating in England I've stayed at an Inn just down the hill. There are a lot of rumors afloat and I'd not regard the TikTok one as confirmed. Somebody with professional logging equipment did this. I doubt many Toksters would attempt it and if they did they'd leave a few body parts strewn about. Somebody planned this to be done during a furious windstorm to mask the sound.

When I learn more I'll pass it along.


LBJ said...

I understand they caught the perp - he was 16 so he'll probably get off with a "now now don't do it again". - Brigid

Tacitus said...

Also arrested was a 60 year old. Stay tuned.


matism said...

Perchance were they illegal alien terrorist invaders out to show how incompetent the White race is?

Tacitus said...

So mighta been a pissed off lumberjack who had just been evicted. I saw the size of that tree and the quality of the work and figured this was a pro at work.

Innocent until proven guilty to be sure, but there's gonna be a close look at that Big Ass chainsaw.


Douglas2 said...

Thanks for the straight news T.

The recently evicted former professional lumberjack gives the appearance of someone who knows that he is innocent, knows why he would be suspected *‡, and is confident that a competent forensic examination of his tools will show them to be both long-unused and free of any matter from the 'Robin Hood" tree.
DNA tracing to verify legal sourcing of exotic lumber is becoming common, I'm not sure that DNA matching to match matter not-cleaned from a chainsaw to a tree recently cut is within any UK forensic tech's common experience.

*‡(Circumstantial evidence: He's local, he's upset, he has the skills to do what was done, and he has the tools to do what was done)‡*