Saturday, April 1, 2023

Mo Pitney - Just a Dog

It seems that Wolfgang made his first appearance in these saturday country music posts on September 1, 2012.  The song was Burl Ives, I found my best friend in the Dog Pound.  It had this photo which made me smile and also brought a tear to my eye.

He sure loved lying on the grass, from when he was a little pup.  Here in Florida, he and I would sit out on the grass at the end of the day, watching the world go by.  The Queen Of The World and I called it "Sit Time", and he always got excited when I said those words.

This week has been a whole lot of him not being there.  This song is all about that.

Just A Dog (Songwriter: Mo Pitney)

Ten years ago I was on my way home,

saw her walking on the side of the highway alone.
It was raining like hell and I kept telling myself
"not my problem, keep on driving, just like everybody else."
Why should I be the one pulling over on the shoulder at night?

It's just a dog, right?

From the cab of my truck, to the foot of my bed,
to a new pair of boots that she chewed in shreds.

Digging holes in the yard, chasing cars down the street
to one gutter and when I found her, I thought it hit me.
Took half of my savings to save her, and I didn't think twice.

It's just a dog, right?

Just an old mutt riding shotgun, getting my seats all muddy.
Just the one who I come home to, just my best fishin' buddy.
We were walking that spring in the sand on the beach.
You know she was the reason, Amy walked up to me.
She lost her place on the couch, but she kept her cool.
She was crazy about Amy and she knew I was too.
And the night that girl left me, she kept me from losing my mind.

But it's just a dog, right?

It's 83° today and man I can hardly wait to get this truck down to the lake,
I bet the bass' are hittin'.
Boats in my rear view mirror, got my... tackle box and all my gear,
the wind is right, the sky is clear, there's only one thing missin'.
Just an old mutt riding shotgun in my seats on my knees.
It just hit me she's not with me like she was this past Sunday.
Why am I pulling over on the shoulder with tears in my eyes?

It's just a dog, right?
She was just a dog, right?


Hey Booms said...

The older I get and the crazier the world gets, the harder it is to lose a dog. I have 2 that are 13 (bros) and it ain't gonna be pretty. Sad for you.

Michael said...

No, it's not just a dog, it's a true and trustworthy friend.

That's why it hurts so much.

That's why you and I need to get another dog to love.

Randy S. said...

It hurts. I had to do that not long ago. I pray for you and Wolfgang. He's doing OK, trust me. He's up there playing with Rocket and having a blast.

FeralFerret said...

Thanks for the song. It really hits home.

doubletrouble said...

Oh man Ted, it’s been 20 years this summer, & that clouded up my eyes.
Thoughts & prayers (really) your way.

doubletrouble said...

Oh man Ted, it’s been 20 years this summer, & that clouded up my eyes.
Thoughts & prayers (really) your way.

Murphy(AZ) said...

Dammit, Boss! I sure wish you'd do something about the dust around here.

Joel said...
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Joel said...

Been there done that, too many times. Which doesn't explain this best friend sleeping next to my desk, who followed me home from a shelter two years ago. I never learn, and never really want to.