Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Reckoning

Seventy years ago today, the Japanese sucker-punched us at Pearl Harbor.  This was our reaction, making these:

It wasn't revenge that we wanted.  It was a reckoning.

That's what we should remember today.  That's who we are.  Still, despite the shrieking of the left, that's who we are.  Just ask Saddam.  Or Osama.

People still know.  Europeans have told me that they don't know how we'll react.  Good.


JD said...

Well, if Europe won't respect us I guess I can live with having them fear us. . . that works too. . . .

Rabbit said...

..."So I think we need a new plan. Next time a country wants to take us on, 'stead of sending bombs, let's try this: send everyone in the country a color television and a satellite dish. And give 'em the basic package, not HBO — screw those people. And before the war starts, we make them all sit down. "Okay, we'll go to war with you. You want a piece of us, fine, fine. Before we go, I want you guys to understand us a little better, so you have to sit down and watch ESPN2 for 24 hours. 'Cause you watch ESPN2 for a full day, you're gonna understand America a lot better. 'Hi, we're America! We build monster trucks for fun! We developed the top fuel dragster, zero to three hundred thirty miles an hour in under five seconds, cause, pfft, we were bored. Piss us off, heh, and see what we build! And we may feel bad about it later! Ask Japan. But before we feel bad…we're gonna jack you up! And then we're gonna send you FOOD! 'Cause we're America; we're schizophrenic. Don't mess with a nation that needs medication!'" --Christopher Titus

Anonymous said...

You can thank the British navy's attack on Taranto harbour in Italy to prove that with ingenuity and daring and a handful of biplanes yes biplanes that you can change the balance of power in a whole theatre of war.
So without that daring attack the Japanese would never have thought hmm we can do that one better.
However we were already at war with the Italians so it wasn't sneaky.