Sunday, December 4, 2011

Something that's always bothered me

When our corner of the blogosphere chatters about the mess that we're in, there's a lot of talk about "we won't be voting ourselves out of this" and that sort of thing.  Pessimism rules.

I think that I'm a naturally optimistic sort, but what's bothered me is that there are some really smart folks out there that seem perpetually gloomy.  Am I missing something?

Via Gerard, I find that I don't think so:

School Portrait (2011) from Michael Berliner on Vimeo.

Thanks, Gerard.


Quizikle said...

gloomy IS optimistic these days

Guffaw in AZ said...

I agree with you. And it's easy to attach oneself to that negative meme.

The four boxes: Soap, Ballot, Jury and Cartridge are in that order for a reason.
Some folks seem compelled to jump over two or three...

Glenn B said...

There are those who are mostly gloomy and those who are mostly happy and then there are also those people who could be called 'the just in case crowd' - folks who hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

All the best,
Glenn B

TinCan Assassin said...

Excuse me, did you know that there is a dark cloud with that silver lining? Yeah. What's the melt value of that cloud, anyway?

Tam said...

I AM optimistic.

Balkanization won't result in needing to strap a colander to my face as I build a hut with the rubble from that abode of magic giants, Loo-Kass Oyl Stay-Deum.

(wv: "perdu". That magical Colosseum that will be harvested for building stones in the Duchy of Lafayette.)

Borepatch said...

Tam, I wasn't thinking about you when I wrote about the pessimistic bloggers. Or wookie suits.


TinCan Assassin said...

BP, having re-read my comment, it seems rude to me. If it was, I apologize. I was trying to parody the whole gloom n doom thing, and I think I failed.

I do believe we have hope. So long as we are as active and loud as our opposition, we have hope. I work, and vote, and annoy my Congressprimate, and try and convice others to do so, too.

Just think of me as that old man on the "Bring out your Dead" cart. I'm feeling much better. I think I could go for a little walk.

Borepatch said...

TinCan Assassin, no worries. We need a big, blinking red "sarcasm" font for teh Intarwebz.

Paladin said...

That video was absolutely what I needed on a cold, wet, Monday morning... Thanks :)

Broken Andy said...

What do you mean there is no pet heaven! That video made my day.

Just remember, if life gets you down that is a clear sign that you are overdue for a visit to the range. Now if you can't afford ammo, that is truly depressing.

Secesh said...

That video was making me gloomy until the end, that smile would brighten anybody's day.