Thursday, November 19, 2020

Any firearms in the vehicle, sir?




  1. I realize this is a gag video, but the only proper answer anyone should have for law enforcement to such a question is "am I being detained or arrested?" For a simple traffic stop, if they press the issue, remain absolutely silent and just hand them your license and registration. If they continue, tell them you don't talk to LE without an attorney present.

    Unless state law specifically states you must inform LE of firearms in a vehicle. At present, believe it or not, it is not law in Kommiecticut.

  2. Unless they changed the law this year if you have a CCW in Michigan you have to tell the officer that and if you are carrying or not.

  3. IT’S A JOKE!!! Lighten up, people! Sheesh!

  4. Living as I do fifteen miles from Califrutopia, I make sure to get the annually updated copy of Travelers Guide to the Firearm Laws of the Fifty States. Most states require disclosure of a CCW "at the request of the officer". A few require disclosure even if not requested. As for requirements to show the weapons, that again varies by state. We do not cross that border if we have a choice about it.

  5. In some places, he would be lead story on the 11 o'clock news. "Police seized an arsenal of firearms ...

  6. Looks like someone on his way to a Blogshoot.

  7. LOL, that might have been us a few years ago...(whistling)...

  8. Coming back from a 3 gun match my friends were pulled over for speeding.
    The trooper asked if anyone had any firearms on them.
    They all said they did.
    The Marine with them said, " Why do you need one? We got some spares."

    No ticket was issued.



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