Saturday, July 17, 2021

In Decline

 Let's try some stats on Afghanistan.

  • 32.3 million people
  • Per capita annual income of $2,025 (U.S. dollars)
  • 250,000 sq. miles of area

 The United States spent two trillion dollars in Afghanistan between 2001 and 2019. Troop strength estimates rose and fell. At one point there more than 100,000 troops and an undocumented number of contractors mercenaries. Over 4,500 of those troops died. Tens of thousands more have life changing injuries. 

For all that, the U.S. failed to secure a victory, failed to pacify the populace, failed to even establish what victory was supposed to look like.

The United States was successfully vanquished by a collection of tribal people with no organized army.

All the gee whiz armaments, the fighter jets and drones, lasers, and night vision goggles? Toys unless you have the will to win. 

We spent $60,000 for every man, woman, and child in Afghanistan and then surrendered the country to darkness.

There's a lesson there for those who see and I suspect that China sees it very clearly.


SiGraybeard said...

There are several lessons. It's not below China to go in there and kill every last Afghan they can find. To borrow a phrase, "kill them all and let Xi sort them out," since he thinks he's God. Or send the Afghans to concentration camps for organ harvest as they do with the Uighurs.

The other lesson is more for the deep state, and has to do with "F-15s and nukes"

BigCountryExpat said...

"contractors mercenaries."
Hey! I resemble that remark! :D

Old NFO said...

No will to win. Period... sigh And we become one more set of vanquished that fell to the Afghans.

mike nomad said...

It was a money making racket for GenerL Dynamics and Halliburton. 20 years of profits was a good run.

van helsing said...

"area denial". and likely just moved around in MENA to meet other ds/cabal goals. also, bleed us dry of cash and blood. wars for banksters and oded yinon.

Sean said...

How was it I knew this would pan out like it did for me and mine ala Vietnam and all the blood we spilled and money we left on the ground. Not to mention how much the banksters and corporate types back home rolling in dough. The more times change, the more they stay the same. I don't blame anyone for being bitter at the waste, blood, suffering, and useless toil. When Americas' epitaph is chiseled, I hope it says something along the lines of,"....they should have minded their own business, and maybe they'd still be here". Vietnam wasn't shit. Then, to prove the point, the US fucked up the same way in Afghanistan. We once had a helluva country.

5stonegames said...

They call that place the graveyard of empires for a reason.

There is no good reason to invade it much less have a lasting occupation the natives are truculent and hostile and no one ever gains much in the end.

Now sure China could go mad dog and kill everyone.

They do that everyone knows they are existential threat to all mankind.

Better get to work on freezing some astronaut named Buck since it won't be the Fallout universe but the Buck Rodgers one where the Han are the enemies of all humanity. Well after the chaos anyway.

Survivormann99 said...

Gandhi and Martin Luther King only succeeded with their nonviolent protests because their opposition was civilized. Both would have been dead in a week if their opposition had been Joe Stalin.

The Chinese are not encumbered with concerns for human decency and respect They would pacify Afghanistan in a few weeks after a great deal of the population was dead.

So, the Taliban will prove that Alzheimer's Joe was wrong. I give the government to November 1 before it collapses, and the Taliban won't have found it necessary to use one nuclear weapon or one F-16 to cause this.

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Borepatch, I suspect we have now seen the last major US overseas expedition. There will no support for this sort of engagement ever again. Much like the Suez Crisis of 1956, I suspect the U.S.'s military engagement will continue to fade around the world.

Except at home, of course. A military needs a reason to exist and if there is no external threat, one can always look to the internal.

LindaG said...

History repeats itself.

JaimeInTexas said...

There are several lessons ...

among them is to stay out of other countries. Whatever happened to "conservatives" and the Constitution.

Declare war, define victory, achieve it or not, end the conflict. Otherwise, there is no delegated Constitutional authority delegated to the FedGov to own property outside the member States. DC is the exemption and "the Territory" has incorporated into States. Even then, a State's legislature must approve the sale of property to the FedGov -- "... exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be ..."

libertyman said...

So we could have given every Afghan 30 years pay, and not lost a single American life. I wonder if the opium crop played a role in our decision? Hard to fathom how, but nothing would surprise me anymore.

Shame on all the politicians who had a hand in this.

Kid said...

Either a money making operation or the stupidest thing we've ever done with the military.

Elmuertonegro said...

There's a lesson in their for demented idiots who stole the White House, that all your nukes and F15s won't do the deed.

HMS Defiant said...

In the end, we allowed them the darkness.

Whites really cannot change the dark.

Maniac said...

"Except at home, of course. A military needs a reason to exist and if there is no external threat, one can always look to the internal."

This. We need to stop worrying about radical Mohammadans and start pointing our guns at Antifa.

LargeMarge said...

Opium comes from opium farmers in Afghanistan.
* 2001 -- Americans build a military 'presence' in Afghanistan.
* 2001-21 -- Americans have an opium-derived drugs 'crisis'.
* 2016-21 -- the chinese export thousands of tons of fentanyl to North America, a lab-created opioid genetically targeting the addiction centers in the human brain.
2021 -- Glorious Leader chinesium joe biden brings American troopers home from Afghanistan.
The reasons are never the reasons.
In this situation, the chinese fabricated a fake opioid crisis until their lab-rats could manufacture a faked replacement, then ride in with the substitute.
Junkies can kick heroin.
Junkies cannot kick fentanyl; after the first buzz, their brains are permanently wired to seek more fentanyl.
The reasons -- fight the Talib, freedom for women, 'domino' 'effect', spread democracy -- were never the reasons.
Troops and mercs in Afghanistan were working for the chinese the whole time.
I welcome your rebuttal.
Invading a place with laws against hookers and booze.

Chris said...

More rubble, less trouble.

McChuck said...

@Maniac - "We need to stop worrying about radical Mohammadans and start pointing our guns at Antifa."

Embrace the healing power of AND.

waepnedmann said...

Afghanistan and Iraq have provided a livefire advanced combat training course for NCOs and Junior Officers.
The Brits send people just for that reason.
I am sure there is also some of same ticket punching to acquire a CIB that went on toward the end of Vietnam to qualify for future promotion opportunities for officers.