Thursday, July 22, 2021

Dad Joke ICII


I know Borepatch can't wait to have his air conditioning repaired and switched back on.

It will give him vent elation.


libertyman said...


Glen Filthie said...

I will murder you all slowly with a fork…!!!!😡

The Neon Madman said...

Chill, dude.

SgtBob said...

Been AC-less for several days. Compressor replaced and blowing cool now. Covered by extended warranty, 0 cost other than warranty, which was 1/3 cost of compressor. Good luck to you.

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

I think there was an Elton John Song about this:

"And he shall bring Freon
And he shall be a cool man,
And he shall bring Freon
and the parts in hand...."

LSP said...

And he shall turn their killing forks into ploughshares and the lion shall lie down with the lamb... no... wait... that can't be right!

Aesop said...

deja poo: the sense that you've seen this crap before

deja roo: the feeling that all kangaroos look alike

deja moo: thinking you know that cow because you recognize its voice