Wednesday, May 5, 2021


 There's something skewed in the perspective of this photo of these two elderly Presidents and their wives. Lens choice, too much flash, bad Photoshop, I dunno, but it sure looks odd.

But leaving that aside for a moment. Where are the masks? Pr. Biden wore one on a video conference call with world leaders when there was no contact. We keep hearing about masks from Dr. Fauci. Now we have this visit, no one is masked, they are touching and well within six feet.

Are masks important? Are they political theater? Virtue signaling? Are they less important once we are vaccinated? 

Maybe someone should look at the science.



LindaG said...

Hubby and I didn't like the photo either. Biden's right arm doesn't look right. And of course the mask thing. Even if they are all vaccinated, they are not family.

Glypto Dropem said...

Just another green screen or photoshopped piece of fakery from the phony doctor and The Asterisk. It isn't just the Carter's, the chairs and whole room are out of proportion. Like the entrance to Willy Wonka's chkcolate factory.

Roy said...

Very wide-angle zoom lenses will do that if you're too close. It's called "pincushion" distortion. Everything in the center is tiny. (Look at the cups on the table.) The further from the center you get, the larger and more distorted everything becomes. Look at the size of Jimmy's shoes. Masks aside, I don't think there is anything nefarious going on.

Unknown said...

The new All Time Worst President of the USA with the former title holder.


Jess said...

The physical size of the people is not in proportion. Regardless of age, Carter and his wife wouldn't shrink to 3/4 the size of Biden and Jill. I'd say photoshopped, and poorly done.

Glen Filthie said...

They are all like Montgomery Burns on the Simpson's. They all have so many diseases, from gonorrhea to rickets to ringworms - that the diseases and parasites are jammed up fighting each other rather than destroying their host.

Pity, really.