Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Movies, TV, and Sports

 As Aesop so eloquently pointed out, good acting is a rare skill. So is throwing a curve ball, catching a pass, running hurdles, and any other thing you can think of  in sports. The number of people that can perform them well is very limited.

The example of Olympic sports comes to mind, however, when considering compensation rates. There are Olympic sports that are just as difficult as playing Major League Baseball, or NBA, or pro football. Starting as a young child, investing thousands of hours in training and skill development, becoming one of the top athletes in your chosen sport, and even winning a spot on the podium at the Olympics does not translate to a multi-million dollar paycheck.

There's a reason for that. As difficult as your sport might be, no one is willing to pay large sums of money to come to a stadium every week to watch you perform it. Advertisers and television networks aren't making billion dollar deals to broadcast your sport every season. Product endorsements might bring in a few thousand dollars instead of the millions that the pro league athletes earn.

That doesn't mean that all these world class athletes aren't amazing at their sport. They are. We can't do what they do. That isn't the question. The question is how much are we willing to pay to watch them do it.

Great actors, directors, designers, editors, and all the other people necessary to make a great movie, we can't do what they do. The question is, and always is, how much am I willing to pay to watch their creation? If enough people pass on a movie, it loses money. It's more complicated in the modern age, it's not just box office receipts, it's streaming and overseas returns and sales, but the bottom line is still there. 

We are all selective about what movies we watch. On line reviews, Rotten Tomatoes, YouTube trailers,word of mouth from friends, it's rare to just go see a movie. You're investing time as well as money and you're hoping for value. A great movie, in any genre, is a treat. It makes you think, it takes you into another world, it becomes something you talk about with friends.

But it still depends on the money from the viewers. It always comes down to that. And if the actors, directors, or anyone else in the industry wants to preach their personal political views and it causes the viewers to turn away, then those movies will lose money and the next movie won't get made.


Kid said...

Here are the movies Ive watched (for free) in the last 10 years. Hmm, maybe 20.
Team America, Equalizer 1 and 2, first few Avengers flicks, the Expendables, Die Hard's, the Blade series. That's all that comes to mind. Movies where people are sitting around talking are boring beyond description. To me anywyay.

Sports? Living in Pittsburgh in the 70's I was addicted to football and the Steelers. It was fun watching Tiger chew through the record books until he punked himself. Since then my view of sports is nothing more than adults playing with a ball, or puck. Not only would I not pay to see it, I wouldn't even invest my time.

If people enjoy it all - great. Enjoy!

Aesop said...

It isn't enough to merely stop doing something.
You need to supplant it with something better.

Let Hollywood burn.

Replace them.

Hollywood wouldn't make Passion Of The Christ.
("Who would go see a Christian movie, entirely in Aramaic, Greek, etc.?")

So Mel Gibson paid for it himself, out of his own pocket.
It cost him some $30M.
It's only made $612M, to date.
Mel cries himself to sleep on his pile of money.
Oh, and then he directed Hacksaw Ridge, and only got a 10-minute standing ovation at Cannes from the very people enjoying his downfall a few years earlier.

So it turns out the answer to "Who would go see it?" was, essentially, and in the words of Gary Oldham from a scene in Leon: The Professional, was "EVERYONE!!!".

Now imagine everyone always BMWing about how Hollywood sucks stopping their juvenile bitchfest, and instead getting together to fund movies made by Americans, for americans, glorifying the things that matter a helluva lot more than diversity, wokeness, globull warmist religious ecstasy, LGBTEIEIOism, and a host of degeneracy and retardation so beloved of the current crop of dancing monkeys.

You'd either suddenly find yourself going head-to-head with the wokeathon sewers of Warner Bros., Paramount, Disney, et al.

Or, you'd bury them.

Heads we win, tails they lose.

I'd play that game eight days a week until the day I died, probably from sidesplitting laughter at watching people whose personal opinions I despise do a better job of selling the things the pre-woke military and pre-pedophile Boy Scouts revered as leadership traits and cultural benchmarks. And hearing the lamentation of their women.

The Woody Harrelson Chevron commercial and Ashley Judd ad for Ruger would crack me up for days.

Beans said...

Some of the smaller, Christian film houses are doing just what Aesop said. Ever seen "God is Dead?" Good acting, interesting concept, even the skeptic I was watching it with said the movie made quite a few darned good points. Then there's the movies about the other side of abortion like "Gosnell" and such, all good movies (for a definition of 'good',") well acted, did well at what box office they were allowed to be shown at.

As for actors, well, lately, in the last 30 or so years, I am pleasantly surprised as to the acting abilities of the average Joe and Jane. The Black Rifle Coffee Company commercials are hilarious, some of the best comedy I've seen in years. The 'reality shows' like "Swamp People" and such are more real and better produced than most scripted shows. Things like that.

Though really really good actors are harder to find, we can and are getting along well without them.

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

To Aesop's point - or perhaps along with his point - the fact is that there are a great deal of new mediums that can be used now as well. There are some great shorts on Youtube that are as good or better as what I have seen released in the theater lately. A lot of them are fan fiction - people making movies literally because they love the subject. As long as the distribution networks continue to love money more than they love feeling good about certain things, they can be at least a viable alternative.

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Sorry, additional point (again, pivoting off of Aseop): notable also is the fact that we have become a people who do not entertain ourselves, but need to have ourselves entertained. I suppose it runs with the "make our own movies" theme. In point of fact, I would argue many people do have the slightest interest in doing such a thing because entertainment is something to be consumed, not something to be created by one's self and then consumed.

Which, to be fair, is probably why we write, because there is just as much enjoyment in the creation as there is in the reading.

Peter B said...

"I write in order to attain that feeling of tension relieved and function achieved, which a cow enjoys on giving milk."

H.L. Mencken

Old NFO said...

Dance, Monkey... Jennifer put a point on it over 10 years ago...

Roy said...

I still watch movies, but there are some actors/and actresses that I will no longer pay to see just because of the way they have shown their ass in public.

De Nero is one of them. That's too bad because a few of his latest have looked somewhat interesting. It's also too bad for the hundreds of support staff and workers that contribute to the making of a film.

5stonegames said...

I kind of stopped caring about anything in the cinema or TV some time ago but Aesop is absolutely correct.

Glen Filthie said...

I do it with everything now.

I have dispensed with the mass media, en masse. When they aren’t lying to me they are insulting me.

Gillette razors? I almost divorced my wife when she made a massive buy on them “they were on sale, 60% off, you dick head!” She said. “I am not a rapist.” I replied.

Woke Coke? Yannow what? I am not too white, and I shouldn’t be drinking pop at all when you get right down to it.

Sportzball? Millionaire monkeys lecturing me on my white privilege? Gimme a friggin break!

Bookface? Twatter? They’re now liberal crazy trains, and the guys over at Gab are funny and entertaining. Screw Zuckerface and Dorsey. I can’t be bothered to lift a finger to give them the finger.

Aaaaaand Hollywood. A den of vipers. Pedos, homos, shylocks, rapists, racists... I won’t be lectured by them either. I don’t care what the rest of you or anyone else do. For me, I will use my money against these people that hate me and want to gin up a war with me. In the process I will reward those that want my business and will treat me like a customer. Politics aside, we should be doing this anyways.

Kid said...

What Glen said also. Some might say there are some 'good' people playing sports. Why don't they speak up then. These puke stains on a dog turd are ruining their livelihood.

Richard said...

Whether you watch sportsball or movies or not, you are paying for it. Tax breaks, taxpayer funded stadiums, bailouts etc.

Glen Filthie said...

We are paying for diversity too. The crime stats and the welfare costs for “people of colour” are staggering. And now they want reparations on top of all that.

If you want to look at it that way we are still paying for cotton picked in the 1800’s...