Thursday, March 25, 2021

Preventing A Suicide

Sometimes there are moments like this. 

Kudos to Kurt and Damian.


Divemedic said...

I agree that not all cops are bad. One thing that I have always had problems reconciling is that the good cops know who the bad cops are, but do nothing about it. How do you deal with that?

ASM826 said...


Who will guard the guardians? It's been a problem as long as we've had any sort of human society. But I want serving police officers to be well trained, well paid, and I want the system to reward officers for not tolerating the bad officers in their midst. How we get there? I dunno. In the meantime, these two officers saved this young man's life.

Borepatch said...

Some cops are bad - we all know this. Some cops are heroes. We all know that, too.

This is the best thing I've seen in quite some time.

Old NFO said...

Agree with ASM. There are always that 1% that are going to let the power go to their heads... sigh

Beans said...

And, sadly, there are often more lawsuits associated with saving people from themselves than by just shooting and killing the idiots.


Lawsuits for pain and suffering, for property damage. Lawsuits against the departments and the individual officers.

Sick world, isn't it?

"Zack" said...

Will said...

No way is it that small. If that small, the other officers would handle it internally. No, it's much bigger than that. Of course it will vary by department.

Some of the inherent problems are that the people prone to acting bad are not weeded out from the start. Plus, the courts have allowed the managers to block higher IQ applicants.

The other problem is that with most big cities being very long term Democrat fiefs, those with the mindset to agree with them have a hiring priority. It has been a very obvious fact that those who are Democrats have a lack of traditional morals that this nation was founded on. One of the questions I have is the chicken/egg for Lack of Morals and Democrats. Does one cause the other?

We are also now a generation into those cities banning hiring applicants that are gun culture people. I was talking to young cops in the mid 90's that stated that they had to lie about their gun background and knowledge to get hired on. Back then it would have been easier to hide that, but increasingly more difficult as time passed and the .govs got more restrictive and more active in documenting things gun wise. You wonder why cops have such a bad hit percentage now? This is part of the problem. Now, most cops and soldiers first encounter with shooting is after joining. That's pathetic, and troubling.

Divemedic said...

Those good cops you think you know? If you get sideways with a bad cop, they are going to take his side against you, 1000% of the time. Even the ones you know personally. A female highway Patrol Trooper pulled over a Miami PD officer who was speeding to his off duty job in his cruiser. He was travelling more than 120 miles per hour while weaving through traffic. This incident caused the Sun-Sentinel to do an entire series of articles, where it was revealed that dozens of South Florida cops were routinely speeding off duty, reaching speeds of over 100 miles an hour. Other cops simply looked the other way. I guess they are all "good cops."

She arrested him and was harassed for months because of it. 88 law enforcement officers from 25 jurisdictions illegally accessed her personal information more than 200 times, illegally violating her privacy, and then used that information to leave notes on her car, and once they even left human feces on the hood of her car. She was harassed in a nationwide attempt by "good cops" to make an example of her, so other cops would know what happens when you cross the "blue wall of silence."

She wound up leaving law enforcement and had to move more than 600 miles away, and still they are stalking her. There were still police officers doing it in 2017, six years later.

As a paramedic, I got to see first hand what "professional courtesy" means. You didn't think that cops put those "blue line" stickers on their cars just for the hell of it, did you? No, they are there so other cops won't give them tickets.

I personally think that there aren't good cops and very few truly bad ones, they are just different degrees of people who abuse their authority, some more than others. That is why the founders tried to limit the power of government. They knew what power does to people.

ASM826 said...


I am going to rename the title of the post.

Borepatch said...

Well, I still stand by my earlier comment.

Unknown said...

Being bad is a human choice, same as being good.
People make one of those choices everyday, in every race, religion and field of employment.

I'll enjoy two officers being good today.

Well done sirs.

Good luck young man, I hope you start to believe in yourself.