Thursday, January 28, 2021

One Man's Story - Out of Work Under Pr. Biden on the First Day


michigan doug said...

I feel sorry for them.
There's probably going to be a lot more to come.
I think we're all screwed right now.

Beans said...

Yaknow... Their union supported Biden. So, well, part of me is laughing in schaudenfreude. The rest of me is bitterly crying at the loss of my nation.

Kid said...

'back to work". Good luck with that when democrats intentionally do everything they can to screw America and Americans.

Maniac said...

I came across a viral Tweet made by a woman whose Keystone pipeline husband was berating her over the phone for voting for Abidin',since he's well upon his way to being unemployed soon.

You sow it, you mow it.