Tuesday, January 19, 2021

FBI Agents Track Cell Phones That Pinged Near The Capitol

CBS News article on how the FBI collected all the telephone numbers that happened to ping the cell towers close to the Capitol during the events of last week. One lady interviewed was out walking and was caught up in a police cordon near the Capitol. She was held there for several hours.

The FBI is contacting every person associated with those phones. 

I post this because it reflects on recent posts about anonymity, privacy, and modern communication. You have no privacy. You have no anonymity. Every action, even something as innocent as going for a walk,  leaves a data trail that can and sometimes will bring you under scrutiny. Your own phone, security cameras, cell phone videos and cameras all leave bread crumbs.

Note her comment about looking out on a sea of people that extends to the Washington Monument. How many people were in Washington for the protest? Were they, in modern day terms, "mostly peaceful"? Is there footage of the crowds? Of course there is. It's not being shown.


Glen Filthie said...

Cell phones are the worst of your worries. When you get a swamp cancelling votes and stealing elections, creating fake plagues, and censoring people and threatening to round them up because they voted the wrong way... all they have to do is manufacture the evidence they need and away you go.

libertyman said...

The FBI doesn't have time to investigate Hunter Biden, but they have time to track down some woman walking with a friend? I am confused.

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Borepatch, I am surprised at how relatively quickly - 5 years, 7? - that suddenly leaving home without a cell phone feels like the equivalent of going out undressed. I have been working to rectify this situation - in small doses now, but larger ones soon.

Eagle said...
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Fredrick said...

"insurrection" "siege of people"

Anyone else notice the gaslighting being done? Even better, the woman interviewed didn't actually see an agent face to face but got a call on her phone. Wonderful reporting by the capital's best news reporters. Meanwhile the ability to track phone numbers by which ones pinged off cell towers in Portland, Baltimore, Minneapolis has resulted in zero tracking of members of BLM and antifa rioters during the past 9 months.

"Justice is coming", now without search warrents or probably cause.

Eagle said...


It's not just your cell phone. If you own a post-1990 vehicle, it is probably equipped with sufficient electronics to allow its movements to be tracked by a remote device. Almost every new car sold today includes some kind of GPS tracking device.

Your smartwatch? That, too, contains some kind of device that can be used to determine (and track) your position.

Many communities use either traffic, stoplight, or antitheft cameras. I won't even mention camera-activated doorbells, home "security" cameras, or other systems that store data (videos!) on servers that are sometimes overseas. Not to mention satellite video: Google Earth's resolution is very limited - intentionally.

You're connected, visible, and monitored, even when you think you aren't.

It's not paranoia. It's just the way it is. Ya just can't get off the grid no matter how hard you try. And if you DO try, some Nancy will probably think you're another una bom ber and tell the authorities about your "extremely odd behavior".

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Eagle - I do own a post 1990 vehicle, although I think of it as ancient by today's technological standards.

Honestly, the localized cameras in the urban area are the worst. Literally, you cannot get away from them even for a walk to clear your head.

Old NFO said...

Fredrick hit the nail on the head. Used against 'us', but not against BLM/Pantifa over months/years. THIS is the real problem.