Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Covid Origins

 I have thought from the beginning that the proximity of the Wuhan BSL-4 lab to the original outbreak made it the likely source. But here's a detailed article on coronavirus research, viral sources, and lab accidents from New York Magazine. One of the more interesting things is the suppression of discussion on the possibility that COVID19 is an enhanced virus that escaped or was deliberately released from the lab.


 And a quote.

“Well, of course the answers to those questions are in China,” Baric replied. “Exactly how they work in that facility is something that would be very difficult for a Westerner to know,” he said. “The main problems that the Institute of Virology has is that the outbreak occurred in close proximity to that Institute. That Institute has in essence the best collection of virologists in the world that have gone out and sought out, and isolated, and sampled bat species throughout Southeast Asia. So they have a very large collection of viruses in their laboratory. And so it’s — you know — proximity is a problem. It’s a problem.”



Maniac said...

Anyone who still thinks it was an accident should check their pulse. China is trying to take over the world, and they'll probably succeed.

Will said...

It was spring '20, IIRC, that a person in China reported that they knew someone who worked in that Lab in a low level job. They stated that it was common for those workers to take test animals that were supposed to be disposed of (cremated?), and sell them at that big market to supplement the meager salary.