Thursday, January 21, 2021

Another Use For Cell Phone Proximity Data

 Let's say you are wealthy enough to purchase a property in a state that doesn't have state income tax. Then you establish residency in that state. Laws vary, but there has to be some rules about you living at that residence for enough of the year for you to claim that state as your primary home.

One set of rules is that, while you don't have to be there the majority of the year, you can't be somewhere else over half the year and still say that you live in the claimed, low tax, state.

If you come under investigation, your cell phone can be used to rat you out. If you are claiming Texas as your state of residence and your phone location data shows that you were in California for seven or eight months out of the year, you will find yourself in a difficult spot with both federal and state tax authorities.


libertyman said...

I think New York State does that with people who claim to be Florida residents. They found Ghislaine Maxwell through her cell phone up here in NH.

noodletarian said...

what about people who full-time in an RV? they have a state of residency but they may not be in any one state for more than a month or two.

Bob said...

We full-timed for 11 years. On the ground now, but are
very sure about our domicile. Sorry to say, as of
1/20/21, full-timers will be in the crosshairs, too.
(Check the Patriot Act (I) about residency. And,
remember that Patriot Act (II) is on its way.)

Master Diver said...

Plug your phone into the wall, turn it on, and leave. go to wal-Mart. Buy a Trac-Fone and use that. Let the state weasels monitor your "home phone".

danielbarger said...

Just one more reason to keep your cell phone OFF and in a Faraday bag when it isn't NEEDED. They WILL and have weaponized ALL tech to use against us. That means that those who eschew the constant use of tech are much harder for the swamp monsters to keep track of. They rely heavily on electronic tracking, surveillance and Intel gathering. Without using tech thy have to do it he old fashioned way...the HARD way.

Unknown said...

I'm curious: I worked around the country as a contract CAD designer, home in Cincinnati since 2013, with my wife staying home while I was on the road. My understanding from our accountant was that as long as our bills went to the Cincy address, I was eligible for per diem tax breaks while renting a room near. I've never had any trouble with the various tax authorities, other than for not understanding my type of work.
As to the rest of it, no smart phone, no smart house, no Alexa, and so forth. Most of my clients forbid smart phones for security reasons.