Saturday, September 12, 2020

Movies VIII - The Dirty Dozen

I watched this one last night. I hadn't seen it since the 1980s.

Lee Marvin is the main star, but Ernest Borgnine, Charles Bronson, George Kennedy, Telly Savalas, Jim Brown, and Donald Sutherland, along with a number of other stars are in the cast. 

It tells the story of a group of convicted soldiers, many of them awaiting execution, that are given a reprieve to participate in a covert mission behind enemy lines. The interaction between the stars, the role played by Lee Marvin, and the mission they undertake come together to make a classic movie that is better than the sum of it's parts.

What they do to the Nazis at the climax is as over the top as anything Tarantino could come up with.

 This is the official trailer. It is so 1960s it looks contrived.


libertyman said...

Hmmmmm. Mixed feelings on this one. I will watch it again, just to be more objective, but I will have to reserve judgement until then.

The big German staff car used in the movie is on display at the Collings Foundation museum in Stow, Massachusetts, by the way.

Beans said...

It's a man's movie, full of death, redemption, death, stupidity, redemption and just killing Nazis.

Good choice.

John said...

I read a background story on the movie stating that Marvin and Bronson were both
WWII vets and Marvin was always drunk on the set. This make Bronson so angry he
kept wanting to punch him out.

Unknown said...

I resisted watching this movie for quite a while because, before we watched it, I read the E.M. Nathanson book it is based on.

Now that I have seen it (within the past few months) I can say that the movie is definitely better than the book, if only because the movie actually has an ending.

I want to elaborate a little on that point, but possible spoilers, so I'll hold off.