Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Movies VII - Caddyshack

Finally a comedy makes the list. Caddyshack is a good example of what an ensemble cast can deliver. Rodney Dangerfield, Bill Murray, and Ted Knight all have great performances. It's a pretty stupid premise done pretty well.

It's a golf movie, maybe, sort of, with several stories loosely tied to events at a country club. If you haven't seen this, or even if you have, it's still a funny movie. I watched it a couple of weeks ago. It holds up pretty well.

Here's a couple of clips.

And a solo scene with Bill Murray. This was improvised. They just put him in the scene and told him to act like a child.


juvat said...

Caddy Shack was a frequent view while sitting alert in Korea. 30 years after the fact, I can still recite most of the lines by memory. So..I’ve got that going forme...which is good!

Glen Filthie said...

I dunno what was my most favourite scene of all time - Bill wasting the entire course to get the gopher... or when he found the chocolate bar floating in the pool...

They would both have been stellar comedy on their own... but Ted Knight’s response to all the carnage and mayhem made them even better.

Borepatch said...

It was filmed in Florida (yes, there were no palm trees) and when the explosions on the course took place a pilot on his approach to Ft. Lauderdale reported it. He thought a plane had crashed there.

Kurt said...

Only saw it once, and it was mildly amusing.

My favorite comedy is Billy Wilder directing James Cagney in "One, Two, Three".

Set in Berlin immediately before the rise of the wall, it as a truly American film.