Friday, August 14, 2020

Cannon Hinnant

Cannon Hinnant was 5 years old. He was going to start school this fall. He was riding his bike with his two sisters when a 25 year old neighbor came out, walked up to him. and shot him in the head. He bled out in his father's arms.

It's not national news. No one is looting stores and shouting "Justice for Cannon". Just a little boy and a family destroyed by grief.

I know about it because it was local news.



Tom in NC said...

Was glad to see this awful story mentioned on Tucker Carlson tonight. I hope the POS perp gets the death penalty!!

Beans said...

And it won't be classified as a Hate Crime for enhancement purposes, because it can't be a hate crime, can it?

Still haven't forgotten Landon, who was thrown over a balcony.

Or Justine Damond.

I haven't forgotten that 4 blacks tortured and almost killed a retarded white boy and posted live video feeds on Facebook.


I also haven't forgotten that right now, the most dangerous relationship a white woman can be in is with a black man.

But nobody talks about all of this, because it's racist.

Somedays I just hate people.

B said...

Yep, tell the rest.

It was a black guy who did the deed.

Yet no whites are rioting, killing black people, looting stores, or any of that other crap.

Chris said...

Not only are white people not rioting, some black folks are reported to have made untoward remarks about this vile murder, suggesting it's okay, because reparations or payback or some other crap.

McChuck said...

They want social justice so bad, it's about time we taught them what social justice really means.

Antibubba said...

And the perp was arrested immediately and charged, unlike in George Floyd's case. Had Floyd's slow killing not been video recorded by six different phones AND the police bodycams, even that would not have happened.

Cannon's death is a terrible, random act of evil, but serving justice to his killer would've happened whether there had been massive protest or not.

Beans said...

Antibubba - Poor George (hwack-spit) killed himself. Video shows even before the body cam that he was agitated, flailing around, saying he 'couldn't breathe' while agitated and flailing around. Even when he was on the ground he looked well.

Could it be that he died not because of the cops but because of the handful of drugs (including way over the lethal amount of fentanyl) and a bad heart (from, well, too much drugs) and maybe even some damage from the Corona (which wouldn't have taken hold except he was in bad health and his heart was damaged... from drugs.)

Go read the preliminary autopsy. And the final autopsy. And review the police body cam. And then tell me, swear to me on a stack of bibles, that the police were at fault. Dare you, double dog dare you.

George committed suicide by swallowing drugs, while sick, in ill health, during the commission of several felonies. And the police were actually a hell of a lot nicer to him than they could have been. The only thing the cops could have done differently was to walk away and not arrest a black career felon in the commission of more felonies.

And the sad thing about this is we knew all of this either at the time of the incident or within a few hours, and definitely by the time of the prelim autopsy. Yet very few people are taking back the hysteria over the crappy death of a worthless criminal.

McChuck said...

Antibubba - You'll have plenty of time to adjust your bow tie while waiting 6' apart for your turn to get on the cattle cars. Don't complain. Don't protest. Don't riot. Just smile and accept.