Sunday, August 9, 2020

Baseball 2020

When I was a boy, it was baseball. The national game. They played the Anthem at the start of the pro games. I lived in Joliet, Illinois  and I was a Cubs fan. Sometimes the games were on TV and I would watch. Sometimes I listened to games on the radio.

When we went to visit my grandparents in New Hampshire, my grandfather watched the Red Sox. A fuzzy 12 inch screen in a big cabinet, but it was good enough to follow the action.

Then we moved to Baltimore. The Orioles were contenders in those years. Games on TV, a couple of games a year at Memorial Stadium sitting in the bleachers. Once I got to go to a World Series game. A friend of my dad had season tickets and he gave us his box seats on the 3rd base line.

Baseball had a history. A national myth and origin story. You could read about the great players, the epic seasons, compare stats and wonder if anyone would ever break the home run records, bat .400, or overtake Lou Gehrig's record of most consecutive played games.

And of course you played ball. Rec League or Little League or just some sandlot games. Baseball, softball, whiffle ball. I would put my glove on the handlebars and ride over the town park in the summer for the city league games. Ride home late under the streetlights. It was America.

In the last couple of decades, baseball sold the rights to broadcast games to cable channels. There wasn't a game of the week anymore. Then the League Championship Series and the Playoffs stopped being televised. The only baseball of TV was the World Series. You didn't know the players, hadn't been able to follow the season, and it was impossible to care who won. I thought that baseball had sold it's future, kids weren't watching, and football had become the national game.

But now it's completely done for me. There are no more lines of players with their caps over their hearts as the Anthem plays over the loudspeakers. Now they kneel. Now they want liberal leftist politics to be the opening of every game.

You can do that. You can't make me pay to watch it, though.

To hell with baseball.


Jess said...

Professional sports are on a downhill slide. They've alienated those that made them prosperous, and the prosperity is ending.

libertyman said...

I am with you. As I have mentioned before, they are all headed the way of Big Time Wrestling, which was there years ago. I have no desire to go to a baseball,basketball, or football game.

SiGraybeard said...

I grew up watching baseball game of the week and double-header Sundays on TV. They lost me years ago during one of their strikes. I realized I simply didn't care.

I also watched when my home town got an NFL team, watched them go from basement dwellers to winning the Super Bowl a few times. The last few years watching them has just been something we do without knowing why. This year the NFL is actively trying to drive us away with their social justice nonsense.

In a sense, this is completely logical. Everybody tries to sell to the 18-34 demographic because by the time we get old enough all of our brand choices are determined and they don't get people to change their soda or beer brands with a cute commercial. They sell to people that are more influenced don't give a rat's *** about people in my age group. If the SJW nonsense appeals to 25 year olds, it's what they'll do.

I find the enthusiasm of college football entertaining. It's not just a job for these kids. So far, college ball doesn't seem to be trying to run us off. Although the season seems on the verge of not happening.

We'll see.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Borepatch;

People watched sports to get away for a few hours from all the crap going on in their lives and what was going around them, and damm liberals had to drag their drama into sports. I walked away from pro ball because of all the nonsense, got rid of all my team memorabilia and flat out refuse to watch. I was a fan of MLS and baseball until this year when the virtue signalling monkeys crapped all over the rest of the teams, even hockey, HOCKEY got poisoned by this BLM crap.....damm. I still remember in the 1970's when those 2 Assholes ran on the field and tried to set the American Flag on fire and one of the Players snatched it away on live TV and he was praised for his actions, now Major League baseball crapped on the Flag metaphorically speaking..

HMS Defiant said...

Moved to metroparkcentralis to house sit and right across the street is the high school diamond. I watched a few games and learned abou the mercy rule. They didn't have that when I was a wee lad.

Beans said...

I remember my father talking about actually affording the ballfield ticket prices. Like "Oh, bored, got pocket change, let's go watch a ballgame." And, supposedly, you could afford a soda or a beer and some popcorn or a red-hot.

Then everything changed. Everything became all about the money. Food prices went crazily up, so did ticket prices until basically the average Joe Schmoe couldn't afford to go see a game, a single game, let alone take the family to see it or afford season tickets.

Then the managers lost the ability to fire players, so the overpriced players started acting like children and getting away with things that would have gotten them fired and permanently banned.

I remember when players had conduct rules and dress codes. And didn't go to bars where shootings and drug dealings and frequent police raids were a thing. Or publicly beat their wives, or engaged in illegal activities and just handed over the miniscule fine by the team or the league.

I've tried to watch the occasional game, but the Woke-Scold League finally killed it.

What's that line, about taking over an organization, killing it, skinning it and wearing a skin suit?

Same will all pro-sports. Even hockey has fallen to the woke-scolds.

Old NFO said...

I gave up on them after the strike season in 94.

Borepatch said...

The biggest irony is that the lefties behind this are the ones who hate sports. They weren't any good, and so this is one big live action Revenge Of The Nerds.

Sherm said...

I once attended a Super Bowl. Ticket price was $40. Horrible game. With the strike 12 or so years later it became apparent that players and owners didn't care about the sport or the fans. I decided if they didn't care then I wouldn't either. Haven't seen a game since.
I similarly gave up on MLB but only lasted 15 or so years before I paid a bit of attention. We started going attending local minor league games where the most expensive tickets were $13 and general admission was $3. Now MLB decided they want to eliminate 40 minor league teams, ours being one. Again I'm shown that fans are not part of the equation.
Now, with the politics, they just don't care about fans but actually dislike them.
Who am I to argue? They don't want me so I won't force myself on them.

Lilvern1 said...

The past 3 years Watching a game on has been a relaxing way to unwind after an 8-10 hr workday. They charged my card for this season already back in Feb. Didn't refund me a dime when starting day was delayed. Cripes, even my auto insurance refunded me money. Then came the BLM pandering. I'll be cancelling my subscription this winter. Have to go out of my way to cancel it; otherwise it automatically renews. I have hobbies, interests, friends to occupy my time. Gotta agree with other commentors... its the millenials and 45 yr old+ upper income women where BLM support is the deepest, and they are the ones least likely to watch sports anyway.

Roy said...

I can't boycott something I never participated in.

Professional or college sportsball is just another form of entertainment. Now, I don't begrudge anyone their own personal preferences when it comes to their own entertainment. It's just that sports ball - in any form - has never been my thing. Indeed, I find most of it as boring as watching paint dry.

Up until my middle twenties, I was a tall skinny drink of water. I was never any good at organized sports and was never chosen for a team. I was one of those "revenge of the Nerds" type that Borepatch describes, except that I was never out to destroy or abolish sports. I just never participated and therefore don't give a tinkers damn. I am also NOT an SJW. If they are aiming all this shit at me, then they are sadly mistaken.

But there is one thing that I DO give a damn about. And that was using public money for all those stadiums and other venues. Also, when it comes to college sports, I am against using public money for those too. Fact: In most of the 50 states, the highest paid public employee is a college basketball or football coach. That is just WRONG, and if I ever become the dictator of the world, public funds for professional and college sports would be the second thing I would eliminate. (The necktie is number one, why do you ask?)

tsquared said...

Sorry I can't support the Cobb County Braves. They turned their back on the American flag and disrespected everybody that has every put on a military uniform. That is inexcusable.

LSP said...

The Left thinks that if they take over sports everyone will become a Marxist.

The word "idiot" springs to mind.

The Lab Manager said...

I never watched sports anyway, but the people hurting the most will be those in the lower rungs of the economic food chain who make their living at some of these stadiums doing various jobs that keep the whole thing running.

I'd be happy to see some of these team franchises go bankrupt and maybe restore some sanity to the sports world.

the pistolero said...

Basketball too. I live a half-mile from the home of the San Antonio Spurs, and I am beyond tired of Gregg Popovich and his constant woke-scolding, talking about how we should pay reparations and such. I'm just like, "you go first, dude with the $3.5 million house."