Monday, June 15, 2020

Vignettes of Old America

When I started the Old America series I had an idea of what I was doing, but not a tag for it. That was weeks ago. History is speeding up now as we rush toward dissolution. Now we have a minor warlord in charge of a six block area in the heart of a major city. They are calling it a separate country and the United States, the State of Washington, and the local governments haven't figured out how to respond to this secession .

So today we will look at Seattle. In 1955. Sixteen millimeter home movies taken by a Naval Reservist showing scenes of the city as well some aerial footage during operations. It looks like it was quite a city.


Ted said...

Things are not going according to the first plan. Now the "revolutionaries" have decided they weren't autonomous after all and now they are only Occupiers so the new name is CHOP.

Stay tuned …. there is a new committee forming.... When in doubt move the goal posts.

It seems someone realized that seceding from the Nation was inviting Trump to send in the Troops to quash the rebellion. Besides, They ran out of Tofu. …..and the Starbucks was out of stock of everything.

LindaG said...

Seattle never looked so good. Loved the cars!
Some nice aerial footage there.
Gun turrets. Pretty neat from this side.

Roy said...

That's okay. It took the feds months to react to the first secession, and then only when the rebels actually cannonaded a federal installation..

FredLewers said...

This is a lose-lose situation. Glad Trump's smart enough to just toss Twitter bombs. If they squash CHAZ the martyrdom will fuel the insurrection. If they don't take CHAZ back from the insurrection then the secession movement will blossom rapidly.
And negotiation/compromise will probably do nothing but stir the pot and chew up time... Yes, TPTB have a situation on their hands in Seattle.

Richard said...

For most of that time the Feds were controlled by James Buchanan who was just punting. There was about 5 weeks between Lincoln's inauguration and when the shooting started. Given the state of transportation and the unreadiness of of the military, that was actually pretty quick. Immediately after Ft. Sumter, Lincoln called for volunteers which drove 4 more states out of the union. Lincoln asked for 75.000 volunteers for 3 months when it ended up taking millions and 4 years. Underestimation was a problem but not reaction time.

LSP said...

We've really devolved.