Sunday, June 7, 2020

Conquerers of the Impossible

A detailed look at the building of the Golden Gate Bridge. Another look into the America that was.

The numbers of pounds of material that came from Bethlehem Steel , the amount of cabling, the hundreds of thousands of rivets, all those details are mentioned in the video.  It is the men who envisioned a bridge across the headlands and skills of the engineers and workmen that made it a reality that I want to point out.

The video doesn't begin to show the history  until about 4 minutes in.


Richard said...

If this were today, the project would be cancelled because of the environmental impact on bait fish.

ASM826 said...


Exactly, we'd never get past the impact studies.

Pete said...

Thanks for this. Really great stuff. It actually makes me wonder if the country could even do things like this anymore? Do we even make steel any longer, or did we farm all that out to the Chinese, too?