Wednesday, March 11, 2020

With Borepatch Away, I Have the Place to Myself

I've been left unsupervised. I'm going to play the stereo too loud, leave the dishes in the sink, and put my feet on the furniture.


First, Aesop is covering the coronavirus clown show. He and I may disagree on the details and maybe even the timeline, but if you want to get slapped with the wet diaper of whats coming up for all of us, he's laying it out.

It is said by combat veterans that the only way to function once the battle is engaged is to assume you are already dead. Then you do what needs to be done in the moment and not be paralyzed by fear. I would reprise that to say, the only way to function in a pandemic is to assume you are already dead.


Music is one of the most creative things humans do. I have a song list I would put on that last DVD I was going to play to hear them one more time. Many of you do as well. It is the music of my life, the soundtrack of my youth, and sometimes the voice of memory. There are songs that remind me of the Marine Corps, of what it was to be 22 and on liberty in a foreign city. Songs that bring back what was to be 18, driving into a series of turns on a country road, in third gear, with the four barrel kicked in. Songs that she and I share a love of, music we listened to in the dark. I hope I get to remember them.


YouTube is a lot of junk, but there are some gems in there, too. I have been watching a long series called Acorn to Arabella. It's a group of people engaged in building a wooden ship. They have been at it for more than two years and posting as they go. They recently posted a two part recap video of the project so far. An amazing project I continue to follow.


If you have any appreciation for the Marine Corps and the in general, the stupidity that military organizations are capable of, you need to be reading Terminal Lance. If this the first time you've seen it, I envy you, because you can back up to the beginning and read them all. The art work improves as you go, but the insight is there from the very beginning.


Borepatch said...

I'm baaaack!


ASM826 said...

Damn. I was just warming up.

LSP said...


Glen Filthie said...

Coronavirus is a hoax! Change my mind!!!!

errrrmmmm…...ulp…. after I throw up on the couch...

ASM826 said...

Don't throw up on the couch, you're going to want to curl up on it later.