Saturday, March 14, 2020

The Answer is Today

The question was, "How long until the breakdown really begins?"

Brawls and screaming matches break out at stores across the country as coronavirus panic buying intensifies and national emergency is declared


michigan doug said...

Prepper people sittin back and laughing.

michigan doug said...

Ok. I had to come back.

After work today I stopped at Meijer and it was a zoo.

TP isle bare, beer isle fully stocked.

I bought BEER.

Gorges Smythe said...

It's tempting to call them animals, but that would be a needless insult to animals.

Old 1811 said...

If the victim was stabbed with a wine bottle, did the assailant have to pay for the broken wine bottle? The assailant probably couldn't keep the water, either, what with going to jail and all. All in all, not a day of good decisions.

Tim Wolter said...

Some good beer is the one thing I did stock up on. I have a sufficiency of food. Probably it will be a good thing if we have to dip into the freezer stuff.

But life is too short to drink cheap beer. And if life might possibly be shorter (I am over 60 after all) then the truth is all the more self evident.


LSP said...

They fell to scrapping at the Hillsboro Walmart yesterday. Not unexpected.

Beans said...

How to prep for this disaster.

Wait a week.


One week.

Then you'll be able to buy all the tp you want, or whatever else you want.

It's just the initial panic stage that supplies get scarce.

Like a week after panic buying due to 'hurricane, omg!' When first announced as 'imminent disaster,' shelves be bare. One week later, shelves full. Even if disaster actually happens, albeit 200 or more miles away, shelves will be full again. Even during a huge catastrophe like Katrina (which did manymuchmore damage to Mississippi and lower Alabama than Louisiana, just N'awlins got better coverage) shelves in Tallahassee were full, so were shelves east of Tal.

Get what you need for a week (which you mostly should have had already, right?) and wait, wait one week, heck wait till after the weekend and shelves will be stocked again.

Though you may have to use single ply rather than double or triple ply supersoft.

As to food disappearing off the shelves, well, if you're not going to be getting takeout or going to restaurants, then you have to cook.

Seriously. I live in an apartment complex, not a rich one, and most people here in 'upscale ghetto' eat takeout, and it only gets worse the more money one has access to. I know someone who has a mcmansion with a huge kitchen and he and his family only use it, for anything more than coffee or microwaving, during holidays and when the caterers are using it.

Now imagine all those people suddenly realizing that they shouldn't be buying fast food or restaurant food anymore, and, poof, there go all the regular foods that normally are bought by the increasingly smaller number of people who cook. Thus a store that's used to selling to X population now has to deal with selling to X + Y population, where X is normal food cookers and Y is normal prepared food buyers.

Again. Get minimals to top off. Wait a week. The shelves will be restocked.

And, thanks, Mediawhores, for underreporting and then overreporting the issue. Jerks.

Glen Filthie said...

Yeah well whadda ya expect?

A certain chicken headed blogger of my acquaintance, named after a Greek philosopher, is egging those chuckle heads on for all he’s worth. He’s incapable of making a point without spewing insults, and Of course he is the only one smart enough to see the peril we face. “We’re all gonna die!!! It takes two years to train a hospital janitor!!! It takes 400 rolls of TP a week for your average Coronavirus patient and 300 gallons of bottled water per day!!!!” Good grief, A couple weeks ago we were all gonna lose our guns because of the demonstrations in Virginia, and before that we were all gonna die from Ebola, and before that we were all gonna be kilt by moslems with exploding hobby drones. The guy is in full panic mode 24/7/365. I’ll give him credit, he’s just barely smart enough to sound legit. And to be fair,others are doing it too.

The facts are that the transmission rates they modelled are bunk. Even in China the disease didnt spread the way it was initially said to. In fact the cases are already tapering off. The tall foreheads don’t know how the pandemic started or how pandemics in general end. Contrary to our local experts, the mechanisms and processes are not entirely clear to the guys that actually sit in the labs and do the R&D on these bugs. It doesn’t have a transmission or fatality rate anywhere near that of the Spanish flu. The first test kits and procedures produced a lot of false positives. You’re more like to get shot by an angry gun club stubfart who’s sick of your hysterical bullchit than you are from the virus. 😆👍

There are bigger lessons to be learned here, and some disturbing questions:

- Why are the powers that be trying to scare stupid people silly? As I pointed out above, some of them have been in a state of pant chitting terror for over a year now. Who benefits from the stampede?

- if we ever do face a REAL pandemic with a serious disease...the guys in charge are idiots, and the people in the hospitals will gobble in fright and dissolve into hysteria. Even assuming competent leadership and emergency medical personnel... a real pandemic is simply beyond our means to control.

Regardless of where that goes... the prepper game has just gotten more complex. There is a game afoot, and I’d love to know who the players are, what are the rules, and what the stakes are.

Beans said...

Glen - That same Greek-named guy was, at the beginning of the spread, was hollering and calling people that were saying that Wuhan was kicking the ChiComs' collecivist socialist asses and hard. Any report from ChiComs on the street as to how bad it was? According to Not-Socrates it was fake or blown out of proportion. Reports of open-pit burning of med waste and bodies? Naw, we all be dreaming, yo. Then, suddenly, when he started looking at where all his precious medical supplies and where some of the people he's seeing in his ER were coming from? Insert .gif of Kermit the Frog running around screaming, except dress him in a biohazard level 4 toga. With his head on fire.

Yeah. Flip-flop, flip-flop.

Just like he is on gun rights. All for the 2nd Amendment, California style. Anyone else try to actually use their gun rights, to buy, to carry, to open-carry? Insert .gif of Kermit in spartan outfit running around screaming...

As to pandemics and plagues, they always burn out after people start massive quarantining. Those who do not self- and local- quarantine are just bodies to be disposed of later.

Is Wuhan-Flu bad? Yes, to a certain part of the population. People with really bad lungs from too much air pollution from smoking or living in a place where smog can be cut with a knife. We here in the US of A have relatively few people that are as lung-compromised as the average ChiCom over the age of 50.

Yes, there is a part of our society that are at risk. My wife being one, me being borderline. And so we self-quarantine like we do every year during flu season. Is this year bad? Maybe, but I remember, in 2002, the regular seasonal flu was so bad that hospitals were overloaded with old people dieing or trying to die, so badly that my wife, who was dieing from her gall-bladder trying to kill her (so bad they had to wait a week in order to kill off the infection) and she spent 2 days semi-conscious in the ER waiting for a bed to open.

Wuhan? Worry? A tad, but not to the level of Kermit running around screaming.

Funny that the rest of the country has just discovered the concept of prepping. Though many are doing it wrong, but at least they are trying. Sometimes very trying.