Monday, March 23, 2020

Report In

I spoke with a friend that was in a grocery early yesterday. He said meat, milk, and eggs were back in stock. Most of the store looked pretty good, with the notable exception of paper goods. Place was calm and people were not over buying. Don't know about later in the day.

Streets are empty, everything is closed. We are not locked down so I could go for a walk and look around. I did not interact with any people. Mail is still being delivered. Power and water are on.

So here's a call to all of you. Report in. Put it in the comments. What's your observations? What your general location? (State/region, no more) What are you hearing from others?

I'll move them into a post once they pile up.


Jess said...

Southeast Texas is about the same, except the traffic is around 50% of the usual volume. Most people are looking for paper goods, but they can be found at local outlets for a Texas grocery chain. Supplies are limited, so customers are only allowed small amounts.

Richard said...

Tried the senior shopping hour. Cluster. Too many people and they were limiting access so you had a crowd of old people standing in the rain and violating social distancing. Bailed and went to Wal-Mart which didn't have senior shopping today. Less crowded, decent but not great stock. No onions for some strange reason. Got my perishable stuff otherwise.

Tim Wolter said...

Wisconsin. Spring has arrived and the birds sound a little happier with less traffic noise about. Bars and restaurants closed. Grocery and liquor stores well stocked. General mood is Resolute. Patience will last about two more weeks, after that, not sure.


JustPeachy said...

Rural N. FL here. Hot. Sunny. Without the usual trips into town, I'm getting so much done at the house! Planted fig trees, doing a little gardening and yard cleanup. Neighbors have seized the opportunity and low-traffic quiet to buzz around our dirt-road neighborhood racing their souped-up go-karts.

No idea what it's like in town: haven't been there in nearly two weeks!

Unfortunately, Mr. Peachy works in the medical field, so we get exposed to all the bugs anyway-- we're self-isolating for everyone else's benefit, and have been passing around a nasty cold. The plague? Who knows? Only way we'll be going in and getting tested is if someone needs to be hospitalized.


Southern NH.

Went to get OJ and a few other things but meandered around to check it out.

Pasta, rice, beans, paper goods, canned goods, soups, pasta & sauce - still more-or-less bare. Meats, low. Fruits and veggies at normal. Milk was well-stocked and they've made a good comeback on bread. Cleaning supplies were still essentially nil.

Greybeard said...

No panic. But our son just started "ride-sharing" and the impact on his fares is dramatic... reduced by at least 60%.
No paper products on shelves. No ammo for the AR-15 I just bought.
And our flight back to the MidWest in a week is questionable.

Comrade Misfit said...

SE CT: Flour and yeast are almost unobtainable. Some days, there was no meat in one store, another store would have some. Canned goods vary. Paper towels and TP are spotty.

Gasoline has dropped a lot. At some stations, it's headed towards two dollars a gallon.

TommyG said...

North West Georgia restaurants are carry out only but are allowed to sell take out alcohol with food. Grocery stores still out of paper goods low on cleaners, meat , beans and flour. Local ammo reloaded was out of 223 and 45’s Saturday. They had 4 500 round boxes 9 mm 3 250 round cans of 308, 1 250 round can 300 blackout and a spam can of 7.62X39. The counter guy said they normally had between one hundred and one hundred fifty thousand round in stock. They sold their last AR last Thursday.

Jerky Dave said...

Here in northern Michigan, nothing unusual. But we still have snow on the ground and folks don't get around too much anyways. Biggest difference is bars and churches are closed.

Borepatch said...

Maryland, Home Depot. Open (Governor just closed all "non-essential" businesses; don't know if THD is essential or not).

I asked if they had any dry wall masks. The guy said that they get them in small deliveries, but somehow doctors and nurses happen to be there when they come in and buy the whole stock. That actually made me feel better.

Grocery store: no paper products, half the meat gone but a lot still there. Produce aisle looks normal. No butter or milk or juice.

Beans said...

Gainesgrad, capital of the Democratic People's Republic of Alachuacountystan, State of Florida.

Mostly things are back on the shelves, even some toilet paper. Bottled water is being limited, which sucks, because I normally buy 3 cases of water at Walmart and use it all month long.

Overall, Florida is looking better and better, except... We just got the countywide Lockdown Order, starting at midnight tonight, because the Univerisdad de Beijing, located in Gainesgrad, FL (otherwise known as the University of Florida) has a small but not insignificant population of Communist Chinese students who have either come back from Wuhan from winter break, or had relatives come here from Wuhan in front of the quarantine there. Yay open borders, ya rat bastiges.

And to top it off, a not-so-small (but utterly intellectually insignificant) number of regular students participated in Spring Break activities and went drunken-sexin-partying and... now we have supposedly adult students with Wuhan Communist China Corona Covid-19 Flu symptoms.

What is it about entitled leftist posterior orifices that makes their 'fun' so much more important than my safety, at the same time said posterior orifices are wanting to take my guns, my right to self-defense, my ability to drive a private vehicle and and and. They can partay and drink and drunk and mess around because it's their right to drink to excess while underage (which, nowhere in the Constitution I can find a right for) while my 2nd Amendment rights are already hosed and are being more hosed every day.

Other than that, gee, stay inside and hide from the world. Sounds like a normal day to me.

I just now have to make sure that when I go out amongst the great unwashed and intellectually challenged and socialist leftists (but I already said that by saying 'unwashed and intellectually challenged,') I make sure to take a shower and wash all over and rinse out my mouth and sinus passages with salt water.

Goober said...

We don't have Coronavirus tests, so the news keeps saying that there are no confirmed cases here, but I've got multiple employees out with Dr recommended quarantine periods with illnesses that have very much COVID19 symptoms. It looks like there's likely hundreds of cases here, but since there's no tests available, no confirmations.

Supplies are easy to come by, we never had a panic buy here in North Idaho.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Ypsilanti MI.
Went to the store Saturday.
No paper goods
No "shortages" of anything else.
I was only buying some fruits and vegetables and yogurt.
And chips. Must have chips.
The food shelves had some bald spots, but not East Germany yet.
I'm waiting on a call from work to see if I come back in tomorrow in response to Governess Whitmer's over reactive, unconstitutional "stay in place" order.

drjim said...

Northern Colorado

I haven't been out much, but my wife informs me things are returning to normal. Stores are getting stocked again, and she hasn't seen any "bad behavior" by anybody in the markets. I went down to the little convenience store near here to grab a Reese's "Fast Break" candy bar and a bag of Chili-Cheese Fritos, and the owner said his business was about normal. We laughed about the Great Toilet Paper shortage, and then he looked around and asked me if I needed any! I'm a semi-regular customer there, and he said he was keeping some hidden in the back for "good customers" like me.

And the patriarch of the DIL's side of the family just had a new calf yesterday up at the ranch, so life goes on....

Unknown said...

Michigan,lower peninsula, right in the middle of the mitten,but on Lake Michigan. I have been pleasantly surprised at the way that most people have been handling things. While some stores have been more cautious than others, with X taped in blue on the floor, and 6 feet between them, to separate people, most of them have not gotten that serious yet.
The people themselves have been showing nothing but kindness,generosity, and patience with each other and with the workers in the businesses that I have been in. It makes it really stand out if you happen across the odd one who is less than nice and positive with someone. But one runs across that type on occasion during normal times,so this is no different.
Supply chains seem to be holding up pretty well. The people have stopped meeting the stock people at the door with the carts of toilet paper, and taking it before it hits the shelves. The Governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer,has announced today that at midnight tonight, the state will be under another step in our quarantine. This is meant to keep us home unless we simply must go out. The food stores,medical and other places determined to be needed for maintaining life and limb,sort of,will continue to remain open. Gas stations will be open,as will restaurants, with only take out or deliveries still being ok.
One interesting thing, we have a convenience store on our corner,a pretty big one, and they are only letting one person in at a time. They have a line outside the door, and let one person in,and wait until they leave, before letting the next one in. Like I said,some are taking this more seriously than others.


libertyman said...

Southern NH here as well. Just got back from WalMart, some things in low stock, I didn't bother looking at paper goods, but got a few staples. (Inadvertent pun, I guess)

The dog likes "Frosty Paws" -- dog ice cream -- none was to be had. Are people hoarding dog treats now?

I might go to local Market Basket for "old people" hours tomorrow morning, as I have the credentials. They open at 05:30.

Our college has put academic courses on line, but we will still have labs, albeit with fewer students per lab. Snowing here just now, do online courses get snow days? Last week was spring break for us, so that was a help to get ready for this week.

Hanging in there, hoping this ends well, and soon.

BobF said...

Central Florida, this morning:
Publix grocery, changed hours to 8-8; no refunds; special age 65+ only from 0700-0800 Tue & Wed. Plenty of meat, milk and other dairy, eggs, veggies, fruit, seafood. No water, TP, paper towels, alcohol, sanitizer of any type, VERY little pasta, rice, flour. Weird -- no Campbell's soup but plenty of Progresso. (?) So much beer shelves and coolers were full and it was stacked in the aisles. Frozen items probably 80% stocked.
Hospital physical therapy: therapist had not heard of governor's executive order that no non-essential/emergency procedures are to be performed. My dentist has closed the office; oral surgery cancelled.
Restaurants: Dining rooms closed by governor's edict. Take-out and delivery only.
Gun shops: Open. CCW approval system shut down; sneaky bastards.

If this shows anything it is why so many idiots have no hurricane prep.

NO theme parks (Disney, Universal, etc.) are open, so few tourists. Can't blame jackass driving on tourists now, can we? Left turn lane, accelerates across three travel lanes to his right and makes a right turn into CVS. Not unusual here, believe it or not. But a FL plate and not a rental.

B said...

NW Indiana here, about 60 miles outside Chicago. Straight south of Lake Michigan.

Stores are pretty much stocked. Few shortages. TP and other products available. Meat, veg, etc all available in pretty good quantity, if not as much as before.

Home Depot/Menards/Lowes all open. No paper masks (I looked, but I don't need any, having stocked up before the ebola event that didn't happen).

Some other stores open, limited hours. Some clothing stores that have an online presence closed, Best Buy online Geek Squad.

Restaurants are take out only, or delivery, and in the city they can deliver booze too. Likker stores open, but some stock getting low.

Gas stations/Convenience stores open. Oddly they are not selling their locally produced donuts and cookies, all other items available.

The governor has issued a "No Travel Unless You REALLY Need To" order, but it has no force of law until he declares an statewide emergency. Folks are pretty much staying home in my area. I did have to go to menards to get a fitting for my Hand Sanitizer experiment...

The other day my local meatmonger was out of their house brand thick cut bacon, so that is an issue...

Other than that, things are really not too bad. Traffic in town is about 1/2 of normal, at least for the time I was out.

lee n. field said...

Rural NWIL. We have one case (as of today) in the county.

I'd call conditions "almost normal" at this point. Spotty shortages at the grocery stores I've been in. No one seems to be panicking.

Walmart seems normal when shopping there.

Gun shop (when I was by Saturday) was busy, but had good stock.

I will probably go back in to work tomorrow. My job (computer tech) is specifically singled out in our dear governor's decree, as necessary, and I do have some customers that I certainly would provide that level of care for (sheriff and county 911). Half the business is working from home.

LL said...

Rural Northern Arizona - The regular grocery stores are stocked adequately. Big Box is doing even better with literal mountains of toilet paper.

There have been reports of hoarders arriving from California and emptying the shelves in other Arizona locations such as Kingman and Wickenburg, but we're a little too far removed from that.

Most people here have 10K+ rounds for each caliber that they shoot already so the demand has been steady and reasonable. Supply of illegal weapons, claymore mines, RPG-7's delivered by cartel types still remains steady even though the demand is constant. Availability of Ruchnaya Granata Oboronitel'naya, also delivered by drug cartels requires a wait time because demand is strong on the Rez., where they will be needed for fishing when the ice clears in the high country.



OK, exposing myself here a little, but... drop me a yahoo line.


LSP said...

N. Central TX -- Everyone walking around with a gun despite no shortage of goods on the shelves, we're prepared, but DFW metrosprawl a disaster.

Supermarkets limiting to 15 customers a time. Neiman Marcus shut, except for my sisters who have to "pull stock" bizarrely.

Highland Park Village shut. A DISASTER for 30k millionaires everywhere, and the real ones.

Baynets fixed.

ProudHillbilly said...

Near Harpers Ferry, WV, which is a commuter area for D.C. Haven't been out for anything but a dog walk today. Yesterday I was in 2 grocery stores. Both were good on fruits and veges but meat and tp were, as they have been for days, stripped. Also no rice or beans, minimal soups. Pet food very thin. I keep wondering how certain shelves could be stripped so bare so soon after deliveries.

We are out every day on long walks but despite the largely good weather few people seem to be outdoors.

Observer said...

Voldamart run today to replace defunct toaster oven and some fresh vegs.
Food: Lots of empty space on fresh meats but still plenty of meat; no fresh whole chicken. Lots of empty space on canned meats but plenty of canned meats, but little canned chicken or tuna. Normal fresh vegetables and fruit.
Outside of the grocery area store was virtually deserted.
Supplies: NO tp, few rolls paper towels, plenty of Kleenex, minimal detergents, No hand sanitizers.
Ammo: Very minimal 22LR, No 223, No 7.62x39, small amount 308. Plenty of common hunting ammo: 243, 6.5 Cred, 270, 280, 30-30, 30-06, 7mm mag, 300 win mag; even 45-70 and 338 Lapua.

Differ said...

Suburban north Metro Atlanta. Stores have most of everything except TP; wife did a top-up shop this afternoon on rumors that gov Kemp was going to enact statewide lockdown; he didn't.
Drove 60 miles north to Resaca to hike on the Pinhoti trail Saturday afternoon. The folks we met were the usual cheerful and cordial hiker and dog walker types.
Lots of vehicles with Ontario tags northbound on I-75; heading home from Florida no doubt.
Working from home is odd, but at least I have a job. Brother-in-law and all three of his adult sons have been laid off from various businesses in TX.
Things may be from in a few more weeks.

Rick C said...

Just outside Dallas, to the north. I went to Kroger yesterday and Walmart today. Typical crowds. A handful of people with masks. Half the store empty: nearly no meat (except steak and sausage), no bread, cereal, baking stuff, canned goods, frozen aisles nearly empty.

There's small signs at the register telling people to limit items (it doesn't say which) to one, but no enforcement.

ambisinistral said...

Central Gulf coast of Florida. Went out today, less traffic than usual. Stores are pretty well stocked except for the bizarre toilet paper hoarding. People were all calm. Restaurants are all carry out or delivery. Entertainingly -- in the local strip mall a comic book/video game store was open, I guess they self-identify as a vital industry.

As an aside, a little over a month ago my son opened a food truck. It was going OK and he was about to hire a part time cashier for it. Well, that's all on hold now. Bad timing for him (and the poor coed who have got some spending money).

Antibubba said...

Sacramento, California: It's a ghost town. Virtually no traffic, very few people on the street--even most of the homeless and shamblers have disappeared as indoor accommodations are found for them. The stores have gone back to regular-to-light shoppers. Availability of items vary--tonight my neighborhood grocery store had no eggs, prepared meat and cheese products, and juice. Fresh meat was available, which was unexpected. There were paper towels, but no TP. I was fairly well stocked beforehand, so I didn't panic buy, though I did pick up a package of toilet paper because I could.

Some restaurants are still open, carryout only. Food delivery services are very busy. My workplace is open but deserted. The owner does not want to close, but we're already down to no overtime. Given that I am exposed to customers and their cars I wear a mask and gloves (and put down a seat cover) when dealing with them. I'm not paranoid about getting Covid-19, but my wife is in home health care, and it'd kill me (and my wife) if something happened to them because I was careless. Most middle aged and older folks are maintaining a safe distance; younger ones are either clueless, or amused by precautions.