Thursday, March 19, 2020

Hello from Italy

A letter from Lombardy.



Miguel GFZ said...

We have not seen the worse.

Being in Florida, I am waiting for the virus reaching inside our living facilities for the elderly. And we have so many.

Then people will really lose it

Murphy(AZ) said...

Thanks for this post. It needs to be seen.

Here in Arizona, our retirement communities are starting to feel the pinch. Everyone knows the status of grocery stores (it's the same here as anywhere else,) and the restaurants and social centers are also being closed. Add to all this comes the announcement that the Canadian border is being closed, and so many of our Winter Citizens are scrambling to get back home before the deadline.

We will survive this, as a people, a nation, and a planet. But BC (before Corona,) and AD (after disease,) will be how we measure time from now, I think.

LSP said...

We're in for a bumpy ride, to put it mildly.