Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Created By The Thing

I was wrong about the primaries. I thought they would go with Bernie. Please, please, please let this man win the nomination. If we have to put up with politicians, they should at least be entertaining.


LSP said...

Just outstanding.

Richard said...

Biden appears to have dementia which is not entertaining.

Democrats appear to be abandoning honesty about what they are in favor of continued deception. There is not a dime's worth of ideological difference in the whole field, even counting the departed candidates.

libertyman said...

Should there be an upper age limit on presidential candidates? Not sure it is necessarily age related, but Biden struggles with his delivery. I doubt it will get better.

Glen Filthie said...

Trump is going to eat him for lunch in the next election.

Tim Wolter said...

Predicting political futures has become fraught with peril. But if Biden's shuffle to the nomination continues there are a few themes I expect.

1. He'll rely heavily on surrogates to campaign. Honestly the pressures of this much travel and stress would be hard on any of us. Harder on an old person. Very much harder on an old person who has had assorted neurolgic issues. (Honestly, did the Dems learn nothing last time around?). He'll stay home (or Home) and rest. It will make him look better.

2. The VP pick will be decided by Diversity! but on Competence! The voters who must be convinced don't care nearly as much about the former as the latter. If Biden is going to serve one term, or some part thereof before becoming a figurehead, who ya gonna call? Elizabeth Warren would seem to check the needed boxes to prevent rebellion on the left. And while an unpleasant piece of work she is not impaired.

3. The X-factor here is Hunter Biden and Ukraine. The VP giving that little homily about how he got a Prosecutor fired is a tough thing to get over if indeed there were more than usual levels of corruption going on. Methinks the Impeachment was ginned up by D factions who did not care if Biden was doomed by it. If there is indeed more out there, and that seems likely, then he might be like a walking talking - well, more or less - radiation patient who has already sustained a lethal dose but has a while yet before he tips over.

T. Wolter

Borepatch said...

Tim, that's an interesting thought.

I think that Trump blows Sanders out, GOP re-takes the House. Trump comfortably beats Biden, maybe re-takes the House.

The big question is what happens in 2024? The DNC is in the process of screwing Bernie (again). It will be really interesting to see how enraged his supporters will be. In 2024 they will want to either (a) get a full-bore socialist as the nominee or (b) form an actual Socialist Party, splitting the Democrats. The GOP is coming out of their internal civil war; the Democrats have yet to get theirs resolved.

A Reader said...

I was reminded today of how badly the pollsters flubbed the 2016 election, considering how Gropey Joe went from being an also-ran to handing Comrade Sanders his ushanka, overnight. I don't think the pollsters have learned anything from watching Trump beat Clinton.

Watching Micro Bloomberg burn money has been a privilege.

Bob said...

Quite a change of pace for the Democrat to be viewed as the moron in the election, rather than the Republican (Reagan, Quayle, GW Bush, Trump). Can't recall it happening before in my lifetime.