Friday, February 7, 2020

Chinese Bioweapon? Maybe

We'll know how bad this is in a month. 


Aesop said...

Actually, we'll know sooner. Those 5 initial U.S. cases started cropping up about 14 days ago, so we'll start seeing second-tier infections soon, if there are any. And if our governmental overlords and the media decides we should know about it. If we get 10-20 new cases, we're probably screwed.

At that rate, absent other factors, it's nationwide by Christmas, and perhaps far sooner.
And even with simple corona virus, that's potentially 9M dead by then.
(3% of 300M)

OTOH, if it's some bioengineered frankenvirus, all bets are off, with who-knows-how-many casualties, nor what rate of transmission.

And other than hunkering down and self-quarantining in time, there's nothing else you can do about it.

The one certainty is that the kabuki-theatre temperature screening at the airport, of a virus that can incubate for 2-14 days, guarantees that more latent cases arrive here every day, and we won't know until it's too late.

Top. Men.

Old NFO said...

Yeah, maybe is right... and 'how' it got out... But I doubt we will ever know.

LSP said...

Looks like something's badly wrong in China, crematoria burning 24/7. Wuhan biolab. HIV/AIDS. Chicom biospies in Canada. And on.

Imagine, a bioweapon bat bites or touches one of its handlers. What could possibly go sideways?

Smart people are laying in food and loading mags.

Aesop said...

HMS Defiant said...

Listened to podcast today at house of sunny and she says the real numbers show up on the official Chinese site for a second or two everytime they update. 150,000 infections, 25,000 dead, 269 recovered. The rest are all still working at fighting it off or dying trying. I don't believe the Chinese and after the last ebola flap I don't a word the CDC says either.

Janet Roesler said...

“[Nine] million dead (3% of 300 M)” assumes that every single American will contract the virus. That’s preposterous. Even in African hellholes under primitive conditions, 100% of Africans didn’t contract Ebola in the latest outbreak. The 3% death rate (which may or may not be realistic) would be based on the number of infected, not the total population.