Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Australian Brush Fires

The current summer brush fires in Australia are enormous in scope and having a devastating impact on the country. The losses are unimaginable, both in wildlife and in property damage and habitat.

Bernie, Greta and Hillary call it an example of the global climate crisis. 


85% of the fires were started by human action, either accidentally or deliberate. 180 people have been charged with starting fires. Many of them are involved in lighting multiple fires. 24 of them charged with deliberate arson, the rest charged with various offenses related to accidental or negligent use of fire that got out of control.

One fire was started as a backburn to protect a cannabis crop. 

Here's a link to the Sydney Morning Herald article on one arrest that mentions much of the ongoing investigation. The culprit in this case is a Rural Fire Service volunteer.

"Arson is not caused by climate change."
--Liberal MP Craig Kelly


libertyman said...

I think some of the arsonists were "Climate Change Activists"

Nice way to make your argument, eh?

Beans said...

Wow. Just like in California. Arson or lightning strikes, hitting areas where proper forest management hasn't occurred due to the Greens, and where water from multiple years of floods was just allowed to go to the ocean, with no attempt to save it.



And, yeah, there's a long history of fire volunteers or professionals setting fires for fun and to give them something to do. Set wayback machine to the worse ship fire in Port Canaveral's history... originally a small kitchen fire, but spread throughout the ship by a firefighter... This happens all too often. People remember police corruption but seem to ignore firefighter corruption.

Old NFO said...

Oh there you go again. Facts... You 'know' that's not fair, this is all the feelz... Sigh... Maybe this will knock down some of the perennial pests down there, the rabbits and the Dingos.

Beans said...

Hopefully it will knock down the number of arsonists.

capt fast said...

the rabbit fence worked well until do gooders went and tore it up. they should think about an arsonist fence. you know a fence around a jail?