Saturday, December 7, 2019

Update on Pensacola

Six more Saudis have been arrested at Pensacola. Three of them filmed the attack and the response as it was taking place. This will provide information for planning future attacks. These were "vetted", "handpicked", "from elite families", students that we were training to fly military aircraft.

Rather than calling it a day of infamy, our President took to Twitter.

It's 6,661 days past what should have been a declaration of war.


Update: Now it's 10 detained students and the FBI is hunting for an unspecified number of other Saudi students that have not been seen since the attack.


Old NFO said...

Rumor has it he was flunking out. Dammit... Time to take off the kid gloves and deal with these people appropriately!

Aesop said...

A general court martial, followed by summary execution should suffice.
For the other six, there's GITMO, just a quick hop away.

Pachydermis2 said...

We may still be in that 24 to 48 hour window where things remain unclear. Sometimes manifestos and jihad tapes turn out to be false. Filming what is going on sounds bad....but in any crowd of the current generation how many will pull out phones whenever something odd is going on near them.

Things will either clarify in a few days.....or will go into total blackout mode which would perforce indicate that it was at least as bad as the first glance would make it out to be.

The apology from Riyaad being so rapid and frankly in tone near groveling does hint that this might turn out to be the case.


Glen Filthie said...

President Trump is correct, and you all are out of line. You have to understand Saudi Arabia.

The kingdom hangs by a thread. On one hand you have the moderates who desperately want to come into the 21st century where you can drink a beer and treat a woman as an individual without getting your head cut off. On the other, the Usual Suspects who want to go back to the 7th century and stay there. In between those two extremes, you have nutters of varying degrees of militancy and lunacy.

The perps that did this don't represent Saudi Arabia any more than Antifa represents America. The guys that did this WANT you to go to war with them, because doing so would stoke and justify the already murderous anti-American sentiment in moslem fundamentalists, and possibly remove the moderates currently ruling over the nation.

This has to be handled with dexterity. I am betting that some high level militant ragheads are going to be quietly dispensed with in the next several months, along with some of their peers. Certain 'grey men' will probably be involved.

The last thing America needs is another pointless and endless war.

LSP said...


ASM826 said...

Glen Filthie,

Oh yes, you are correct. I am not advocating for a pointless, endless war.

Antibubba said...

There's a difference between not advocating for another senseless Mideast war and sucking the Saudi's fat oil pipe.

Or the lives of American soldiers just the price of doing business?

ASM826 said...

To be more obvious, saying I'm not advocating for a pointless, endless war is not the same thing as saying we shouldn't declare war.

Richard said...

In a geopolitical sense, the Saudis are a useful ally against Iran. It is in our interest, therefore to provide assistance to them, like training. But how about we train them over there and keep them away from here. It's not like they don't have lots of space and facilities to do that with.

In addition, we have to come to terms with the fact that our national security agencies are completely incompetent and/or too busy with the coup to do their actual jobs. We can not rely on them to protect the homeland and must use other means. And we need to court martial a bunch of flag officers for dereliction of duty. They are still playing silly word games about whether this is terrorism of not.

The Saudis are what they are and this has been obvious for a very long time. Disasters like this happen because our security forces refuse to deal with the obvious.

McChuck said...

I am completely against another pointless, endless war.

We should just kill them all. Then our grandchildren won't have to worry about it.

Option B - Declare a complete blockade. Sink every ship, down every plane. Take back Constantinople, and fortify the Bosporus. Maintain eternal vigilance. Endless, but not pointless.

Glen Filthie said...

What would you do, ASM?

Old NFO said...

Glen you are partially correct, but it actually goes much deeper. Divisions between sects, divisions in sects, the ruling family at the behest of the mullahs, and the nepotism are pitting family against family. And failing out is a death sentence over there...

Pachydermis2 said...

OK. 48 hours are up. Jihadist attack. May well be as suggested above, a play to bring on a hasty reaction. I should think the others who attended that dinner party with "mass shooting videos" ( probably will turn out to actually just be the usual ISIS stuff ) are having very long discussions in very brightly lit rooms right now.


Borepatch said...

Tim, your suggestion to cool the jets is a good policy. What's interesting is that the shootings-as-retail (a la Chicago) tend to disappear as more info becomes available while this is getting uglier (from a foreign policy angle) as the clocks ticks by.

What I'm particularly unhappy about is that the Organs Of The State (e.g. the FBI) are still mystified about the motives. Well, that's what they say, but nobody believes them. What we're seeing is a slow motion condemnation of the U. S. Government *by* the U. S. Government.

I expect I'll put up a post about that, but in large part this is why Donald Trump got elected - it's simply not rational to believe what the government says, because the world as they describe it is clearly not what we see before us.

Richard said...

Who are you going to believe. Me or your lying eyes.

DaveS said...

When you can't get your own house cleaned (e.g. Saudi Arabia) in 18 years, perhaps you don't really mind that it's full of terrorists. It seems to me that one of the Kings of the Bad Guys is once again telling us, "Nothing to see here, move along." I didn't buy it the first time and I'm certainly not buying it this time.

Ken said...

At another hangout someone suggested turning them over to the Saudi security services.

I disagreed on the grounds that while they would probably get quite creatively dead, the trail if any would end right there. My recommendation:

1. Hale the lot off to Gitmo.
2. Wring 'em dry.
3. Treat 'em to half a helicopter ride.

Weetabix said...

Seems like it might be time to stop taking Saudi students in flight programs or any area that can be remotely dangerous.

Riffing on the told saying that there are no dangerous weapons, only dangerous men, maybe that means it's time to stop allowing Saudi students for anything.